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  1. [Zircon] Xenos - Discussion

    Bro you were in goru cave after I told you... and it was nerfed the next day take your salty ass somewhere else the sets were fixed this latest patch. Kinda weird you quit server right after getting bullied out of a lvling spot which keep in mind it’s not even the best spot lol you are a 2nd...
  2. [Zircon] Xenos - Discussion

    Great high rate server!!! really enjoyed searching around for new places to lvl the GMs take feedback very seriously and have a great team going. This server is a blast and would recommend giving it a go.
  3. [Zircon] InfamouS MiR3

    Hell ya can’t wait to give it a go tomorrow at 6pm gym should be a blast
  4. [Zircon] InfamouS MiR3

    nice really looking forward to playing this ZED server is trash and jamie is only looking for a quick cash
  5. [Zircon] Eden Server [Discussion]

    Do you have a discord or a place I could read patch notes and updates in English?
  6. High rate mir 3 server

    would someone bring something back like revolution or something... i would donate 100++ just to have a high rate mir 3 server.
  7. [King] New Server Legend Of Mir3 KING!!

    Ya med works low doesn’t it got me aswell ---------- Post Merged at 09:06 AM ---------- Previous Post was at 09:05 AM ---------- He usually gets on in like 3 or 4 hours from now might have work ---------- Post Merged at 09:07 AM ---------- Previous Post was at 09:06 AM ---------- Lol so...
  8. [King] New Server Legend Of Mir3 KING!!

    Could you please take a look at the 1k plus maps magic ship one mob gives 23mil exp and some mobs give you 123mil exp as the lower lvl maps were giving 55mil not sure if the exp is right thanks for changing med bosses the dmg is fair on most mins prajna lord still hits hard as fk and so does...
  9. [King] New Server Legend Of Mir3 KING!!

    server down
  10. [King] New Server Legend Of Mir3 KING!!

    GM dlvled me because he put on 2x exp and i bought 2x more exp and got 1k lvls in like 2-3 hours.... then says its a server bug or i was afk lvling.... come on this is not how this needs to be ran.
  11. [King] New Server Legend Of Mir3 KING!!

    Mobs do way to much damage, only class that can do something is taos because their pets can tank "some" of the mobs in the game. Only one cave actually drops anything Needs work
  12. [King] New Server Legend Of Mir3 KING!!

  13. [King] New Server Legend Of Mir3 KING!! Link For download for anyone that's not sure how to read spanish
  14. [King] New Server Legend Of Mir3 KING!!

    I can test if you like
  15. Euromir3

  16. Euromir3

    S> life,chaos and cosmos,necky its a shame how much farming was done just to not be able to get a CHB
  17. Euromir3

    true i would love to have digitaldog back from gelu or ventus
  18. Euromir3

    this is really fun just started over since pm digitaldog if you want a low lvl group
  19. Euromir3

    So awesome please say no wipes or anything like that
  20. Euromir3

    im in on windows 10 very nice but i swear i didnt have that char on here lol