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  1. LevelUp window Woool

    Every time i level up this window appers. Someone knows where could i find this chinese text ?
  2. Show Damage woool

    I dont know if it is coded or i have to press a key to activate it. I´ve seen a sanity's video in youtube that show damage when player hit some mob.
  3. Questions DX Files

    Like i said before, i've never played woool before. Is working tiger system with DX files? When click over the shield tiger window open, but im dont know what should i do to summon the tiger * ComboSkills working perfect, but i cant learn hero skills. Put the hero books in hero's bag...
  4. More questions!

    - I think there's a problem with EQUAL $TASK, it doesnt work whit this files. When you first time enter the game you get the butcher's quest. Butcher-0.txt (@sell) %100 +40 [@main] #SAY Welcome, do you have any meat for me today?\ \ #IF large $Task(21) 2 small $Task(21) 5 #SAY...
  5. Wings & Upgradin Pets

    Hi Sanity, looking old woool post , i´ve seen some pictures in dragonet server test thread. Who could i get wings? it belong to armour or i need to equip an item? .... i´ve never seen in game yet. How can upgrade pets? In the base set files there is a npc mounts in penal island, when i talk...
  6. Edit Item description

    Hi, i´d like to edit the item description to see AC, DC, Level Req .... and no chinese letters. What files do i have to edit? i supposed it has to be hex edited? Thanks
  7. Harvesting Bug?

    Is possible that harvesting is bug? Mir200/Envir/Monitems/Pig.txt 1/1 Pork 1 I´ve translated 猪肉 to Pork in the DB. Alt + Left Click ---> You found nothing. Can you try this Sanity? Thanks
  8. Underwater World map

    I´ve load HAIDI map in the mapinfo.txt and put this maps in map folder server&client but when i go there all is black. What´s happening? tiles problem? thanks
  9. Help with SGL Client Editor

    I´ve started editing some pics from de interface.sgl with photoshop. My problem is that i don´t know how to import the pictures to interface.sgl Thanks
  10. General Questions WoOOL

    hi guys! I have general doubts/questions about woool because i´ve never played it before. I hope you can help me. I´m using Sanity´s DX Version. - how can i take a horse? , i´ve read i need a horsewhip , but what i have to do, hit the horse? - What is the fire line above the chat for? - i have...
  11. How Customize Launcher ?

    I´d like to customize my mir3server(Holley 3.68) launcher but i´ve no idea. What is/are the files i have to modify??? I´ve tried with search button but i havent found. Thanks everybody
  12. Add music to new maps

    Is possible to add music to new maps??? i´ve tried editing bmlist.wwl with notepad, using bgmlisteditor (with this one, only can change music to maps, but i cant add new) Thankss
  13. How to create a functional object

    Hello everybody ! im using holley3.55 files, and i´d like to do a scroll or a pot that giveme something special, like double exp, or teleport to a specific area. My problem isnt to create the script or the item, is to link both (item&script). I´ve read in a lom2 thread this : EXPERIENCE ITEMS...
  14. Can´t use gm commands King

    Hi guys !! i don´t know why i cannot use gm commands, i have letter GM over my head and i´ve read strRes.txt and the commands i use are in english, @superman, @chglevel 1000 @map .... i´m using the client TGmir3, another problem is that i have lag and im playin in local mode. I hope you can...