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  1. Few Testers Needed

    i can help you sanity, client installed & launcher too.
  2. [CT] Suit Skills

    this woool2 looks awesome, nice work sanity
  3. [CD3.55] Mi Server Public

    nice !! ----- me alegro !!
  4. [CD3.55] Mi Server Public

    install microsoft loop back adapter, it works fine. see this tutorial in spanish
  5. Woool Source Code [V2]

    Have you installed chinese prc language?
  6. Woool Source Code [V2]

    I installed this one on w7 64bit too
  7. Woool Source Code [V2]

    ---- OK works fine ---- there was some file running in the task manager ty for the new engine
  8. Woool Source Code [V2]

    Could someone upload the "WolServer.exe" file without the client version error ? i have not installed delphi yet. Im looking for delphi but all links are broken. Ty. - I cant edit SGL files with client v1., SGL editor works fine with earlier client.
  9. Woool 2 Preview

    omg, dragon server. Did u get woool2 server files? lol
  10. D.X Version Source Release

    omg what a good news Sanity do you remember the vigor bar bug? its always full although i use combo skills. Thx Sanity and 1PkRyan
  11. D.X Version Source Release

    Sanity i have sent you a private message with our latest db
  12. D.X Version Source Release

    Yes, i have it. Give me some minutes to look for it
  13. D.X Version Source Release

    ash the exe and the serverlist.ini goes in the client side c:\program files\woool same directory than woool.exe woool.dat.exe .... 1pkryan has upload the patches files some post before. Sanity i dont know how did you fixed the wings, you sent me your envir and it started to work, or maybe you...
  14. D.X Version Source Release

    have you installed the full client? once installed continue with patches and the path should be something like c:\program files\woool
  15. D.X Version Source Release

    Hi Ash, here you are. group.dat.rar Launcher.rar
  16. Skills

    You need to translate names in stditems.db and magic.db, they have to be similar. translate woool.update.dat and skillhelps.xml to see the magic descriptions in skill window (F11).
  17. LevelUp window Woool

    Every time i level up this window appers. Someone knows where could i find this chinese text ?
  18. Help with SGL Client Editor

    Great guide Sanity!!! Unserstood perfectly ---------- Post added 26-11-2011 at 11:42 AM ---------- Previous post was 30-10-2011 at 06:57 PM ---------- Is it possible to add new images in the empty positions of the *.sgl? what must be the file's name before to import?
  19. D.X Version Source Release

    Ok, i've translated some strings in mine too. Set NoHumanNoMons=FALSE in !setup.txt
  20. D.X Version Source Release

    What's the difference with the first engine/login?