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  1. mistodon

    Coming back to mir 2

    I've not played mir 2 since retail finished, I was always on private servers and retail. My question is what server now is close to mir2 where I can just get started and not everything is 100% all new. I get the times have changed and there will be new things, I just want to ease back into it...
  2. mistodon

    [2.3] No mobs spawning when server is running.

    Would appreciate anyone helping me sort this problem out. The server is up and running but no mobs are spawning. Is there anyone out there have an easy step by step guide to fix this. Even a simple video to show me what I need to do. Don't really want to have to input it all manually.
  3. mistodon

    [2.3] 2.3 server files

    I'm looking for a copy of td's server files. Or any other 2.3 files which have a simple and easy instruction on how to get them up and running. Please don't post links from the forums as there all dead links. Surely someone has them somewhere and can upload them with out the maps so it's only...
  4. mistodon

    [Ruby] ruby client needed

    I have set up my server and its all running fine. I just need a client I can download and use. Does anyone have a link to a full client which is working. The one link I can find is awful, its letting me download at 56k downloads speeds. Will take weeks and that's if it even downloads it all.
  5. mistodon

    [2.3] help with mstation's vista/7 server guide

    in his guide there is a link for the server files needed, but the link is dead. does anyone know where i can get the files needed which he has in the guide which is stickied this is the part im missing from mstations guide ----------------------------------------------------------------------...
  6. mistodon

    [2.3] help needed for mir server on windows 7

    I ain't been around Mir in years, my name was mist on all private servers. So if anyone remembers me then give me a hand. I just decided last nite, to try get a server up on my home pc. So I'm wondering is there any working downloads and guides to help me. Please don't spam this with use the...
  7. mistodon

    Why was my thread deleted

    i was wondering why my thread has been deleted from upcomming servers. It had nothing wrong with it and wasnt doin any harm. so why has it been deleted? All the tread was, was a thread asking if ppl wanted to helpmake a server. there surley aint any need to of deleted this as there must be 100+...
  8. mistodon

    Looking for a low to medium stat server

    Hi im looking for anyone who has made or is in the process of makin a med stat server. I would like to know this as i have been thinking about adding a few server's together with the server i have atm. My server is BoSelecta v3.0 and i think if sum1 who has had a successful server the public...
  9. mistodon


    Ok ppl who wer interested in playing server it will be going out to the public soon. We are still looking for a host as when im hosting it ppl are attackin it. The server is like the old BoSelecta and will be fun to play if ppl stop being fools and trying to mess server up. The stats for...
  10. mistodon

    In need off MiniMap.will/wix

    I just posting to see if anyone knows where i can get a new mmap.will and .wix as i just had to reinstall mir and ive i cant see most mini maps Ones i really need tbh are all the F001 thru to F013 so if anyone got mmap.will/wix with these in plz let me know
  11. mistodon

    Help with maps plz

    Dunno if this right place to post this but im looking for some maps and was wondering if anyone had them could they send me them [email protected] The maps d2003 z003 d2004 z004 d2005...
  12. mistodon

    Anyone know how to make maps boot ppl

    Anyone help me out on this plz as i have a few maps i want to change so they boot ppl after a certain amount of time.
  13. mistodon

    A little help plz

    Was wondering if sum1 can help me with a few probs with spells I am using the m2server u can download from blams site and my summon skelly, soulshield and revelation wont work. Anyone know how they should be spelt properly for this m2server Thx in advance for anyone who helps :D
  14. mistodon

    How do i change the time drops are on floor for?

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me how to change the time of items on floor. As atm the drops in my server last for ages and as use know it cause lag. So just wondering if anyone knows could they tell me what to do
  15. mistodon

    Just a quick Q

    Was just wondering if anyone can tell me what traphexagon should be spelled as in magicDB to make it work I Have Deadsons m2server.exe
  16. mistodon

    OldKingdom Server

    Ok this server is just about done now, But im looking for a team to help me out and maybe a host. The server so far has 2 added temples 4 new boss maps which are uber hard It will soon have another 2 temples to add aswell. Server stats are good. The exp aint crazy and item stats are...