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  1. Vagrant

    Legend of Mir: Nexus [Crystal]

    it already is
  2. Vagrant

    [Zircon] Phoenix XE and Taral XE

    The thing is there is no WIPE, the current server people are playing is the test server and everything you have there will be there even after the launch of Taral and Pheonix, yes the downside is that you will start all over with Pheonix and Taral but you can help their team to balance stuff and...
  3. Vagrant

    [Zircon] Phoenix XE and Taral XE

    This just blew my mind away, to confirm is it the same cave where ex mob3 death spawns 2x mob2 and then on death mob2 spawns 2x mob1 ? Same with the boss where you had to kill him like 5 times if I remember correctly?
  4. Vagrant

    Avoid Legend Of Mir Evolution HighRate

    Not even a dedicated host, the huge lag....and you wonder why you are untrusted member and you have the ''avoid'' tag, what looks and smells like a cash cow is really exactly what it seems
  5. Vagrant

    [OFFLINE] Sparta Mir2 - Discussion

    wasn't there a discord for Sapphire?
  6. Vagrant

    Legend of Sparta “Mir2 HighRate”

    Why remove rebirth?
  7. Vagrant

    LegendOfMir2 "TheEnd" - Discussion

    This seems really funny : Start level 1 Cap level 50 RebirthSystem RebirthSpells Reward at Lv70. after Rebirth
  8. Vagrant

    Legend of Sparta “Mir2 HighRate”

    lmao at ''anger issues'', the fact you say it is ''personal'' shows you want to show off and let other people think you're someone smart wow! It was nothing personal and I don't have any anger issues mr. Einstein
  9. Vagrant

    Legend of Sparta “Mir2 HighRate”

    I must say in the spirit of x-mas, you are not a smart person but there are some words I would love to use on you to describe how you really are, but I see @Alecs is here so he might give me a warning :LOL: so lets stick with not smart.... There are ALOT of games outside of mir and including...
  10. Vagrant

    Legend of Sparta “Mir2 HighRate”

    Open beta is with or without wipe ?
  11. Vagrant

    Last Epoch - ARPG (similar to PoE)

    no offense to this game but have you heard shadowlands is out ?
  12. Vagrant

    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    Shadowlands seems to be close to a WOTLK/TBC expansion, really hope it doesn't dissapoint... I don't like classic, started in TBC and I might play classic TBC if it comes out, hopefully WOTLK because that is my fav one
  13. Vagrant

    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    SL is almost here only few over 24hrs, anyone from LOMCN playing on horde side?
  14. Vagrant

    [Zircon] LoveMir - No Donation Server - Discussion

    Please explain what is the point in killing the bosses if you put best gear in shop ? I really don't understand, also do something with the you think anyone would waste their time clicking each and every single file in the ftp to get the full client ?
  15. Vagrant

    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    We have a date, let t he hype BEGIN : November 10 - Pre-expansion launch events begin November 23 - Expansion launch. ( its nov 24th 00:00 for EU) December 8 - Castle Nathria release and Shadowlands Season 1.
  16. Vagrant

    Android/iOS League of Legends: Wild Rift

    First week of december coming to EU, its really nice to be able to gather with friends and do a match or two have some fun when drinking a coffee
  17. Vagrant

    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    Yea I know, to be fair I find it verry strange if you don't have a SSD in 2020... I mean there are phones that have them now (UFS 3.0+ is equivalent, sort of, to a SSD but for phones)
  18. Vagrant

    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    you do know its recommended to use a SSD? Also if your pc older than 5 years you can either uninstall the game or just buy a new pc
  19. Vagrant

    The Last Chapter : Mir II

    no memes or offence but tbh from what I've seen and what you said, you're always changing and changing and it was a mystake to announce a beta a while back that should of happend by now, and by the looks of it....taking it slows means 2022-2023 release....again no memes or offence its just...
  20. Vagrant

    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    I didn't activate mine in a few months and don't really see a reason to do so even with pre-patch. If you been following news or watched any streamers/youtube you would see the game is in the worst possible state and its looking to be the worst expansion ever made, and not because of the content...