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  1. -Bugzy-

    Can this be done? (npc wise)

    soz - been a long time since i done any npc work or mir work at all for tht reason. [@main] #IF checkitem ZaksBeef 1 #ACT goto @meat #IF checkitem RatsTooth 1 #ACT goto @quest2 #IF checkitem RippedLetter 1 takeitem RippedLetter 1 #ACT goto @ripped #IF checkitem RippedLetter 6 takeitem...
  2. -Bugzy-

    lomcn got pwned?

    noticed it was down for a bit... owned?
  3. -Bugzy-

    Why was Xander's thread locked?

    Seems like right section. Give the guy a break. He is trying to release files that can benefit alot of people and first you removed his mod powers and then you **** him off for wanting to help the community. Wtf? edit: nvm about mod power bit edit 2: I am causing a commotion because I...