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  1. legend of mir 2 classic

    as you all notice , there lom2 classic server opened played on it couple o min and I like it about 600 700 ppl on server already opened last nite. any 1 inersted ?|! its in chines of curse as its official but not ip locked :D
  2. Legend of Mir 2 Livestream on YouTube

    i wonder if you wan help me with a question pls. which mir is this in the video?! is it mobile mir or pc mir ?!
  3. MirWorld

    looking forward to see how you will handel the balance :P
  4. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    on side note soloing bosses wa part of euro mir and a good aspect of the game . i hope you didnt make too hard to solo them since some bosses were already hard to solo
  5. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    @Sanjian i duno really wht ppl been objecting on but from what you said i can point out tht the problem was not sub price , i think it sound more like the idea of been restricted by some how of playing the game, while having an over priced item on the gg is optional might give ppl dvantage but...
  6. Morning Piff1

    lol i been in my job for over 15 years m8. got a beautiful wife and a gorgeous little girl. so i got a life ;) did not you just have a job recently ?! i guess mir WAS your job !! lol just love how iam always on your mind thnx 😂😂
  7. Valkyrie Re-Launch

    g/l m8, i am one of the ones looking forward to see what the final product will be like. :P
  8. Valkyrie Re-Launch

    as you can see from comments obve i am not the only one worried about the balancing, so if you wanna be constructive and add something tht would be great ,if you wanna join the moron team a.k.a morg and Hercules be my guest but go do tht in different post pls donot TROLL or SPAM a good thread...
  9. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    i wonder if you can help me pls. i been trying to creat an account but it keep telling me the e-mail is in use and i cant find any other way to retrive the account since i cant remember the user name i used to creat tht when i try it say account is locked pls try again later. any...
  10. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    any news about the event the gm mentioned ? :)
  11. Valkyrie Re-Launch

    lol the only!!, you blind too roll back and check comment you bloody idiot and again you gonna turn a constructive discussion into childish ****. if you donot have any thing constructive to add instead of he is moaning, they doing this they doing tht, he is this, and he is tht, man just shut up...
  12. Valkyrie Re-Launch

    no to be honest TPR was my first server since they closed euro mir. @LOMValkyrie mir already got 5 classes thts been known to us,just think any more than that and you will find it hard to make the classes different jobs and role to play in hunts, thts all. beside my point still valied tho...
  13. Valkyrie Re-Launch

    you can input your own ideas on the orginal classes and would still be different than other, make new skills invent a new caves new mobs,i personaly think thts way too much classes to be able to balance them all in away to make them all viable to play with and not broken.most if not all servers...
  14. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    k lets get the archer class a bash
  15. Valkyrie Re-Launch

    to be fair i duno why ppl always try to complicate things.they always forget tht ppl like mir for wht it is not for what it can become. pls just make it 3 classes and make sure they 3 or 4 classes you got are balance but 6/8 classe i think abit too much
  16. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    i like to play ranged class ,played wiz befor but never archer, what is archer like in pvp compared to wiz class pls?!:P
  17. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    downloading the game now , any chance of more details about the xmass event regearding new starters pls ?! :P
  18. Best mir 2 server

    i think tht was the mobile game lol, you got me all excited :P
  19. Best mir 2 server

    best server atm would be chronicals but its been running for some good years now so the lvl i heard it about 80+. i heard there gonna be something happing on the server to help new starters,player count aroun 70-80. where did you hear there is mir by wemade for n/a or eu server ?!
  20. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    any chance of addint like starter pack npc , where he give you couple of exp scroll none tradable and require lvl 1 to get, will help a lot of the new players too, as you can see a lot of ppl wanna play the server just need abit of exp boost to help them stay on the server ;)