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  1. how did bullpit level up so fast on euromir?

    When you had 50+ show up to an oks at 3am you know the numbers were different between servers. I logged on p regularly to test refines and didn't see half of that population.
  2. how did bullpit level up so fast on euromir?

    Phoenix was a **** show compared to d. No offense. Community was a bit too small. Btw did any of you know BadmanMC? That was Sam, chronicles old owner. Scum to me lol.
  3. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    Honestly a revamped and thoroughly tested relaunch would be what many want and would bring tons of new players. As someone who tested pre chron and beta chronicles there was alot of fishy stuff. I know 2 of the richest and highest level players in-game got there by botting 24/7. I have my stupid...
  4. Arcadia [Heroes] Discussion

    I've seen counts around 165 during peak times regularly. I'd say on average 20 are stalls.
  5. Drops vs LootBoxes

    Your so much more fun when your not running a server :p Agree with your statement though, no one will ever be pleased. I personally think TreasureBox's should contain things like really rare items or GG only, everything elses up on gameshop at some point or is purchased through personal sales...
  6. how did bullpit level up so fast on euromir?

    Was an easy packet edit and resend, We made it work again with and without the program when blue/red/green dark arms were on npc. The luck 6 dc 40 mace and mc20 luck 6 dstaff were my favs. Forgot the guys name but he made it happen then shared it with me and 2 others. I paid a few people in T_M...
  7. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    Luck 7 on euro did not give you 100% hit. Your wrong. I exploited Benes from quest and made multiple luck 5/6 weps but never a luck 7 as the % was maddeningly low. Ace the server chron was built with had luck 7=100% Euro if you wanted 100% hits you needed luck6/7 wep and a ha aswell. You...
  8. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    S/T> 57 wiz full kit and extra in storage. All skills including portal & gs.
  9. how did bullpit level up so fast on euromir?

    Was anyone on here in OmaKings? By far my fav guild next to TM for fights. 15 wizzys standing at the door to OK KR 7 of witch having FF.
  10. how did bullpit level up so fast on euromir?

    OG bullpit was leveled by 1 person that literally had no life. After he sold the char when it was high level and qatar bought miriganu/bullpit it was leveled by multiple people. I was so happy the day he bought mafia's mir sword. Nothing like a 2.4b split between 15 people.
  11. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    Sins were great at one point. After agil buff got upgraded I could take 3 wars at a time in pvp with agil kit. Unfortunately king ebayer cae along and ruined alot of the fun. Still made him drop quite a few pieces of kit. iirc sins were the kings, then wizzys when glacial came then monks then...
  12. DarkZone Reborn [Crystal] Discussion

    Re: DarkZone Reborn Discussion Anything on this? Havent been able to be online today to see changes.
  13. DarkZone Reborn [Crystal] Discussion

    Re: DarkZone Reborn Discussion Can we get some better class balance between the 3? Atm wars are miles ahead, all kit has aspeed and acc so no need to gem or orb. Do as much with chm as i do with ff. Tao on the otherhand is nowhere near the other 2.
  14. ~ HispaRed ~ [Crystal] Discussion

    Re: ~ HispaRed ~ Discussion Level 10 pack didn't work. Noticed someone walking around wearing 4 Corals and 2 death gauntlets. Lol
  15. Arcadia [Heroes] Discussion

    The 2 most recent reviews are why I can't play this server. I have 2 lvl 95+ chars. War without tdb and a tao. Can't even kill the bosses for my levels with both chars dual screening. Half the time I try to kill a boss my level and some donator with a super j mace comes outta nowhere and 2 hits...
  16. Euthenia Mir2

    Seems that way, Server had plenty of potential. If there wasn't constant downtime most of the players wouldn't have left. When most players try to login 2-3 times a day and cant, they just give up.
  17. Euthenia Mir2

    What are you 12 you salty little bitchboy? Lol. Downtime is downtime. Not everyone can play the hours everyone else can due to job, family situation etc. If I donated to this server I'd have already recalled my payments due to stability and continuity. 6-10 hours of daily downtime, gm reboots...
  18. Euthenia Mir2

    It was down from about 7pm cst to 1am cst. This is 6 hours on this instance but there's be other days where it's down alot longer. As you can see those times would be prime playing time for myself.
  19. Euthenia Mir2

    I think you need some help with running the server. Multiple times this week I haven't played at all because it's down for 10 hours a day. Not everyone lives in the uk
  20. Euthenia Mir2

    Down again looks like