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  1. aRKY

    Titan World Med Rate

    admin shouldn't clean anything - the rest of the com should get to see what type of thief/moron is running the potential server there going to donate etc on.
  2. aRKY

    Titan World Med Rate

    Happy for the screenshots to be posted with your proof bud, as currently and like always you guys chat rubbish. Glad @Sanjian has called you out and not let it slide because you guys do this on all your servers and then make out they were there all along..
  3. aRKY

    Titan World Med Rate
  4. aRKY

    Titan World Med Rate

    TOO again your lying bud shall I link the LOMCN post to here which the Dark-Zone GM Banned people for saying the Server was PAY2WIN in guild chats etc.. because the difference between ME and SANJ and you currently is you chatting complete **** with no proof of what your saying. - Dark-Zone...
  5. aRKY

    Titan World Med Rate

    why don't you edit your post to tell the truth which is "yes mate took them from your work - Happy to change for a different image though now ive been caught and called out on it" - Rather than the bullshit I am quoting
  6. aRKY

    Titan World Med Rate

    Dont expect anything less from these Dark-Zone Cowboys!!
  7. aRKY

    Titan World Med Rate -Think this post will say a lot about how this server will be - Again happy for you to provide proof of the GM's being Scammed.. - anyway best of luck with your server (y) #pay2win :)
  8. aRKY

    Titan World Med Rate

    Acts like Dori with the short term Memory lol!!!
  9. aRKY

    Titan World Med Rate

    If its the same DZ people doing this one I'm pretty sure most will avoid - just got to look at the DZ posts on this forum to see that.
  10. aRKY

    Rejected MIR420

    Lol @Tai - Sounds like a police interview, I hope you read them their rights first.
  11. aRKY

    Avoid Legend Of Mir Evolution HighRate

    Not a Fan of Cave Restrictions based on levels - I am sure you will get a fair few join as people really want another high rate to go with. Best of luck bud
  12. aRKY

    Woool (The World Of Legend) Classic Shanda official Server

    Mick, Long time no speak, hope you and the family are all well (SoUlCoLeCtToR). Wool was a good laugh with all the old Crew, but yeah shame about some of the people who were playing etc as it was a decent server to play.
  13. aRKY

    how did bullpit level up so fast on euromir?

    I think the highest level wizard on Dragon was Caladin if i remember rightly was in DistantSouls.
  14. aRKY

    Legend Of Mi2 Covid-19 - Discussion

    Just to let you know on all Servers - Hustler will either pay someone to do his leveling until the char has caught up and take over OR Alex geeks it like mad himself at the start of the server (he also has people he plays with and duo/groups also). Alex can/will buy items from other players for...
  15. aRKY

    [Custom C# Files] Apocalypse Mir 2

    for the moron who said Hany's name being attached would put people off i would suggest it would be the opposite as most people who have played any of bens server know how good he is at what he does. Count me in Good advert and what looks/sounds like a solid team. Best of luck guys.
  16. aRKY

    DarkZone Reborn [Crystal] Discussion

    Server GM is on Edens Elite and trying all the username and passwords from darkzone to see if used again on there. Forgot i even gave this server a try and made a noob with my darkzone details and it was hacked and had items moved. Got my stuff back no drama atall, But thought i would let...
  17. aRKY

    Revenge Porn Law ??

    Link or this isnt Real
  18. aRKY

    Edens Elite Returns!

    Storm maybe speak to mods on here and see if you can get a Edens-Elite forum on here as nobody is using the edens elite website and might drive more traffic for the server with it being on this forum.
  19. aRKY

    DarkZone Reborn [Crystal] Discussion

    Open it up as Windowed mode and load the game in windowed mode -- once in game hit Alt+enter to full screen and it will work. I get a black screen if i try and open in fullscreen which is really odd. Hope that helps although havent played this server since forever.
  20. aRKY

    New Eden V2.

    CD - I will be able to give it some of my time tonight bud