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  1. Patan

    Server Discusion

    Heyo, Just Wondering why you (thedayidie) change the entite mir3 Advert Style, i dislike it. 2 threads about the same. I think i didnt found a rule why? Checked mir2 section its still normal. If its couse trash talk Rhein punish the trash, some spamer are writing useless stuff in every...
  2. Patan


    just found this dunno if anyone of you listened it ? (its german wallpaper post) Website is but like in the posts too much ppl are visting it :)
  3. Patan

    [King] Bugged Armour Shapes

    i wanted to make new armour shapes. used kaorimimviewer( thx for this fantastic program^^) to extract M-Humex1.wil and all other wils that i used. i renamed new armors but didnt changed the last 3 pay´s so that the order keeps right then i copied the 0000.txt from M-HUM (it has 53k pics)...
  4. Patan

    [King] wich .WILS will be read ?

    Hey all i jjust want to ask if some1 know wich names of wils are readed, so wichi can use ??? found only this and this was for 3.55, its not the same as i know i can use my Weapon 1-11.wil but mons...
  5. Patan

    [Other] UltraEdit cant show chinese letters ?

    i was trying too look with ultraedit some things to translate, (wanna try if i understood it right with word string word etc.) but cant find any chinese word .... always just 1 symbol and this cant be translated often :/ and i cant search for chinese letter in searchbox, it gets ASCII hope u...
  6. Patan

    [King] Magic db (how does the spell look)

    Hey as title says is in the magic db a field like "shape" to change graphic of spell??? i checked magic.wil´s and spells but i dont see any orderly in that like for weaponshapes, weapon1.wil 1-10 shapes e.g. or isnt that possible to change grafik with a number on sql ??
  7. Patan

    [King] Public server from virtual box

    heya got it finally to run a virtual box with win xp on my 64 bit win7 local server worked fine but now i want use client from win7 and perhaps a friend over internet.... 1 question is do i need to change all ips from all gates ??? 2. is it possible to run "public" with virtual box ? got...
  8. Patan

    Mir3 Lan

    hi all got all working now, want to try it with lan .... when i searched i found something where kaorie said change ip from dbsvr and selectgateips. i tryed = cant login but all gates running (yes with right cin). tryed how coly told me Pubips change .... i get an error in loginserver log then...
  9. Patan

    crueldragon.exe dont work?

    soz didnt found anything about it, but searched for it i got sql running and obdc, ip´s are checked often .... i running all gates all work without cd.exe (gates) when i want (loginsvr, logingate, dbsvr cd.exe .....) start cd exe...
  10. Patan

    guides over guides, and nothing work

    as title says .... i stp at this point where to install mysql lol ... perhaps stupid but i dunno what to do ... tryed 2000 and 2005 but it dont work ..... never got anything looked like the guides :( perhaps u could help me ..... it always tells me that there some things who arent installed or so
  11. Patan

    Wrong Grafiks

    wgot now all to run but in my equip screen are the grafiks different from the normaly ...e.g. the steelarmour M is looking at screen normal, stats are normal too but at equip it look like a dagger. what can i do ?
  12. Patan

    My pc dont want that i make a offline server

    sooo checked thousends of guides .... loaded different files and tryed all ...asked iceman to make me a ledu that i can be sure thats right ... than chated with Ingel showed him much gatesscreens and he said it should work ... sendet him my files and he didnt found anything wrong .... he said...
  13. Patan

    now its enough :P

    after houers of search in this forum and asking many ppl .......i dunno why i cant start my server ....loaded mysticalsever etc. did the guide (i am sure i did this right) than wantet to start oledu client ....only could join mystical ...asked in the forum how about change .... leduipchanger...