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  1. Hwarang

    [Request] Need help editing an image

    here you go if you need a better quality version it would take a little bit of time or a bigger image to start with =)
  2. Hwarang

    [Request] Need help editing an image

    If you dont like anything let me know was fairly tricky tbh =) 1620770169 lol just saw the edit at 7.52 ;P oh well hehe
  3. Hwarang

    [Request] Need help editing an image

    Is this something like what you are looking for far? i can do a better job when i get home.
  4. Hwarang

    [Help] Importing white background PNGs, deleting shadows

    You can batch change colour in gimp, you just need to find a script-fu that does it and change each image imported as a layer, then export layers as images using a different script-fu i have done it before changing the hue, saturation, lightness on all monster frames.
  5. Hwarang

    [Zircon] Legend Of Mir III SEA - Eden Low Rate - Discussion

    Try opening the launcher rather than the standard exe it needs to download the latest database you get this error when the server database and client database are different so try the launcher first. If not that maybe the server owner hasn't updated the client but I am guessing we would be...
  6. Hwarang

    [Request] I need a bit Help for my new MapStudio 11...

    As above =) Map editor a reup would be fantastic please ;P
  7. Hwarang

    [Request] Gaming Laptop?

    If you are using it in bed make sure that you buy one with the heat exhaust ports are on the side and back not the bottom if it is on the bed or on your lap when you are under the covers u end up blocking the heat exhaust and they overheat quickly.
  8. Hwarang

    [Zircon] LoveMir - No Donation Server - Discussion

    Well put Wummy also as far as i am aware he doesnt have any gg purchases to make money from i could be wrong though if that is the case though surely he is doing this out of kindness as it will cost him cash to host it pay for the electricity etc not to mention the time a bit uncalled for to...
  9. Hwarang

    [Request] Gaming Laptop?

    All i will say is please don't buy an MSI Laptop i bought a GP72MVR 18 months ago and it was the worst purchase i ever made, in that 18 months it has developed many many issues. 1) Keys on the Steelseries keyboard work intermittently. 2) The Laptop gets so hot it caused inflamed veins on my...