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  1. Gezza

    Discord Channel

    Heres a new Discord channel for other LOMCN as Sprite has rage quit the original (Can't believe that lol) Unless anyone else wishs to make one. Here...
  2. Gezza

    Utopia - Basic Low Rate X3 [Crystal]

    IP : Hosted in France. Forum Full client link : Download Patch required : Download (only ever one patch updated 1/10/17) Latest Exe : Download Required to connect(Extract to the client folder.) Exp: X3 although quests will help a lot & exp scrolls. Start Level = 33 Drops =1...
  3. Gezza

    Legend of Mir - Utopia [Basic Low Rate X3] C#

    Base Server Files - will get updated. Exp: X3 although quests will help a lot. Start Level = 1 Drops =1 Game Shop - everything can be brought for gold! - No donations!!! Long term server goal and development. No Game Masters! I put this server up for my own personal enjoyment, yes i will be...
  4. Gezza

    Google + thoughts ?

    With the recent changes on facebook ( for the worse imo) so thought i'd see what google + is like, it seems a big improvement from facebook and basically can have everything in one place. Your thoughts ? facebook is so established now i'm not sure this will be such a hit but i also thought that...
  5. Gezza

    [Release] Few weapons.

    Will update this post later with some more.
  6. Gezza

    [Release] Bank script using variables

    Banking script allowing you to have almost unlimited gold, this is for heroes but should work just the same on 2.3 . Npc [@main] #IF CHECK [100] 1 #ACT GOTO @main1 #ELSEACT SET [100] 1 Var Integer Human goldstore goto @main1 [@main1] Welcome to bank of Forsaken, here you may store your gold\...
  7. Gezza

    Legend of Mir 2 setup guides (Videos included)

    2.3 Setup guide Original thread 2.3 Server setup guide (Vista/7) || Thanks to mStation 2.3 Server setup guide || Thanks to mStation 2.3 Server setup guide || Thanks to koni Heroes Setup guide Original thread Ruby Setup guide Original thread RubyM2 Server setup guide || Thanks to kyndigs...
  8. Gezza

    Need a bit of help (website)

    I got a wordpress site and alls going very well but i have a few problems, on the pages i have columns which i want on the main page but on the other 2 pages i don't want the columns, i know how to remove them but it removes them from all pages anyone know how i can overcome this ? even if i...
  9. Gezza

    Looking for Closed beta testers

    Hi, i'm currently looking for a few closed beta testers, and will be rewarded gamegold when server goes live. Main things i need testing is leveling, drops, and mobs (to easy/hard) hoping it to be a med rate. Server is not complete still lots to do but i just want to test the base of my server...
  10. Gezza

    TV Licence

    I have a tv licence and have checked on the website and all my payments are up to date, but they keep sending me letters saying i don't have one and threatening to take me to court, i have now contacted them about the matter a few times and they said i have got a licence and they said they wouls...
  11. Gezza

    Good night Elysian :P

    As posted by pob... As Pingu said we will be working to revamp elysian with the alot of new ideas. The biggest problem atm is the lack of content due to coders having irl issue,work and simply not enough time to devote to coding. Theres a possibility Elysian may come back under 2.3 which would...
  12. Gezza

    RubyM2 Updated exes 25/7/2010

    Well after speaking to a few high profile ussers and after what lil said earlier he don't care for the comunity here, and i know it's not my place to do this but if they aint gonna release and i can't see me getting anymore updates so here you go dated 25/7/2010. Whats included is just the exes...
  13. Gezza

    Assasin weapon wils

    Has anyone got any idea how many images there are to a weapon? i know an assasin uses 2 wil's one for left hand and other right and usally a weapon has 1199 images but it seems different been trying to work it out and struggling lol thanks in advance.
  14. Gezza

    [Release] A few mobs from korean client

    Just thought i'd share for those who don't have, your have to import them into a wil etc. Download here
  15. Gezza

    Few weapons recolored

    Nothing great i know but just sharing what i done whilst bored. Download here 3 more recolors. Download here
  16. Gezza

    mir usa latest update

    Mir usa have done an update for st patricks day and recoloured a few items green such as level 30 weapons and armours and level 33 armours, but when trying to export them using h88 i get acsess violation anyone else having this issue ? only tried the weapons so far. I also noticed theres 3 new...
  17. Gezza

    Any1 want earn a quick £5

    What im trying to do is set up a ebay selling account but to do this i need to have a landline to confirm, which i don't have. What i'm asking you to do is take an automated call and confirm it's me and write a pin number down and send to me, after its complete i shall send you £5 via paypal. I...
  18. Gezza

    WT style maps

    Only started making maps other day anyways here's a few of the better ones, still may not be up to standard but let me know on how i can impove :) think i need to add more detail in kr still. Download here Lobby First floor Second floor Kings room
  19. Gezza

    Map help

    I thought i'd have ago at making a map, all new to me. But just wondering do you have to set the attributes for on the grey parts of the map? which i am working on making black?