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  1. spartekas

    Micrsoft Visual Studio stable releaase Install

    Ya I just tryed the Student version Community which is Free....I hear from others the Installer freezes ALOT.. Is there annother Version that is more stable, and can do all. Do have Webstorm but perfer Visual......... Gave up after 2 days.... thx or other sources, cracks or free also...
  2. spartekas

    [Heroes] Unistalled Windows Mediaplayer and MediaCenter, Client wont load

    I uninstalled them from windoows. But would that prevent a Client from Launching... MediaPlayer.dll is in Plugin list. This mightt be why people have some issues, like not having the data mir2 needs for getting ingame.....
  3. spartekas

    [Request] 3.38 setup no guides

    I searched 4 referrances to 3.38 in 1 post in only thread you will ever need.. Yes I need the Gate order, and correct Gates, I am not 100% it uses different gates, no crack. Dont matter which CD you use. No armadillo, netcheck, or loader. Database is all 2000 several environments...
  4. spartekas

    [Other] Skybroadband, and Hacker

    I have a hacker who has his IP on almost 30 accounts.. He has been fb and IP banned. what I would love to know is if I contact his ISP contact will skybroadband Do anything.. If they dontI will Block the UK and allow my english users thru the Firewall.. And this happens everyytime I get SICK...
  5. spartekas

    [CD3.55] Setting up Mir3 server Need help plz

    Hopefully new title, and different spot might help. Here is original problem Feedback here or pms. Help plz The 1st pic is a error when CD is Loading the Merchant files, it make s it to 361/369 then I get error. 2nd pic Ifigured out that there was 2 !setup files with 2 servers, I made them...
  6. spartekas

    [CD3.55] Crueldragonbasedata is what in Mud3??

    maybe if I know what in mud3 that makes the crueldragonbasedata Database in SQL maybe I can make the Mud3 and database match up. Eliminate errors make it work. @search not much point, all the good realeases are all removed, and cannot download. All the good ones, that work tyvm
  7. spartekas

    Gonna need people to help me with a server ill be working on

    I dont want to advertise or a up and coming this isnt for flaming or spam. any positive and Benificial help appreciated i can edit this later XP 128-256 8rebirths 3.55 MIR3 And not playing any political Games If you want to help post, if Not DONT!