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  1. FF7 Remake NEW

    No % progression but I'm 6 hours in and only just going to sector 5 reactor (2nd reactor).
  2. FF7 Remake NEW

    got mine early in the post yesterday. Its really good loads of extra stuff to do in it that brings a lot of immersion the original didn't have.
  3. Zircon Server Development

    Why not have a one time choice when you make you character if you want death drops on your character? By the sounds of it the majority of the server will pick "yes" unless they are just talking out their arse. Lets face it from the chat here the only ones that don't like/ are crap at PvP don't...
  4. Zircon Server Development

    That's what I'm getting at though. He is constraining himself to the limits of old engines from the start rather than possibly using this as a chance to change it in these early stages. I'm sure sticking with a higher single resolution would make it easier to design other things as well. Every...
  5. Do you think a Server with.... is better than....?

    I always thought the game shop in mir was rubbish. Its only there to provide an advantage for those that use it bar a few items, but have accepted it as there is little else for server owners to make money from as donations only never work. Its not like other games where you can provide...
  6. Marble Server - [Marble Files] - Low / Custom Rate

    Any idea what you will be doing with skill leveling? Lets face it leveling skills does nothing other than stop game play for the player, it brings absolutely nothing to the game other than being afk with a button held down or macro running....maybe auto leveling at set levels or a quest system...
  7. Marble Server - [Marble Files] - Low / Custom Rate

    Good to hear. Its something that always bugged me about low rate servers and why the economy usually tanks is in part due to people out leveling items and the lack of refining leading them to be worthless. It makes BIO and lower/mid tier rares continually worth something and produces some good...
  8. Marble Server - [Marble Files] - Low / Custom Rate

    Great work. Cant wait to play. One thing I always loved doing on official servers was refining, but private servers never seem to get it right. Rather than spending days/weeks finding a recipe it seems just to be a % chance of working like a gem rather than what you have put into it which...
  9. Five Heroes - Crystal Files

    I think the problem might be that people have been used to for years that the items are locked in when any player presses deal and the trade has to be canceled (thus closing the trade boxes) or pressing deal to complete the trade. Player error but prob better to change it.
  10. Needing Hell mob AI explained

    I take it you mean the mobs in this vid? Im sure they were called different in GamePot Mir but from what I remember the were; Hell slasher - melee attack (Graphics show a double slashing) HellPirate ( i take it this is the skinny tall one) - melee...
  11. Bye Chronicles

    Re: Congratulations Tai LOMCN will do just fine. It did well with MirForever running which had a similar player base as chronicles and their own forum. If anything without Chronicles on here it will put more focus on C+ servers/development, giving us more choice in the servers we have...
  12. TGAV2 (StarLite) Coming Soon

    Well maybe you should add it to the information post at the start, no-one will see it lost in the posts. Also get the thread title changed,says online now. What do you expect when you come out and say "no beta needed", then wipe, then say there wont be a wipe, then close the server saying it...
  13. TGAV2 (StarLite) Coming Soon

    Yeah you guys really need to decide your stance. The longer you wait the more players leave and no one will start it if you cant give them a straight answer soon. Another thing that would help the server is to make low level new content more available. Lvl 63 monk and lvl 60 war now and I...
  14. TGAV2 (StarLite) Coming Soon

    its up do you have the latest exe?? (above)
  15. TGAV2 (StarLite) Coming Soon

    So basically if you are unlucky with drops you cant play anything on the server bar the normal caves which are even less than what was on euro and die in 2/3 hit now?
  16. TGAV2 (StarLite) Coming Soon

    That's enough for me. How do you expect people to keep playing this if we cant even get access to the basic new maps? 2 charas lvled to 60 and not 1 cave tele for the new caves. Thats clearing every KR and cave dozens times. GM said rates were increased for lowest cave after 1hr 30mins...
  17. TGAV2 (StarLite) Coming Soon

    all I do is clear WT/ZT/MTK/BC every floor and kr loads and never had a scroll yet, u might want to look at the drop rates.
  18. TGAV2 (StarLite) Coming Soon

    Am I missing something? I can clear all the caves on the map no problem now, where are the new caves that are advertised?
  19. TGAV2 (StarLite) Coming Soon

    Cant play this, its really annoying for soul fireball. I think its to do with the hit/miss mechanics it takes too long to register that it is a hit by which time I can cast another sfb which is a waste of time because the mob is dead already. Its no fun casting a spell then waiting a second or 2...
  20. TGAV2 (StarLite) Coming Soon

    crashes on captcha for me