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  1. banning ****boys like jaime

    should jaime not be ****ed off at this point from advertising..... left zircon low rate to die and rot. Then blamed anyone and everyone why. caused a **** load of drama over jealousy (omg am quitting someones using my open source).... relaunched at an even lower rate with a copy and paste hoping...
  2. Wii U emulator HYPE!! Works great most game that dont use the wii u pad work great. Not heavy on ur pc either very easy to run
  3. recommend a graphics card £200

    can any one recommend a better card than this GTX 260? for around £200 preferably nvidia.
  4. banned from chron forums for re-editing my own posts

    for which bit calling u good coders but shitty gms or for calling you out for not testing an event that could have ended a lot worse but you got lucky with it only being items not repairable and medallion being in wrong spot(yet more lies) ??? lets make a small list of why you make shitty gms...
  5. new MIR 3 mods

    as good as geos been you cant expect him to sort the section on his own. could we look at finding some one to help him out ??
  6. looking for a bit of help with a name tag thingy

    so we have been given new tool boxes at work but there all the same shape and colour(red) i have access to a vinyl printer just need a smart font with my name and some nice gfx around it and i suck hard at photoshop to make one. so if any one would be kind enough to put one together i would...
  7. infestation survivor stories/WarZ

    any one here still play. its gotten a lot better the last few months and i found my self playing again. ---------- Post Merged on 26-12-2013 at 12:38 AM ---------- Previous Post was on 25-12-2013 at 05:32 AM ---------- Bump now have my own server pm me for details
  8. work changing pay date

    i know a few of u on here are good with stuff like this so let me explain a little. i have worked at the same place for over 6 years now as a bench joiner/ wood machinist, they close the factory for 2 weeks over xmass meaning we have to take 2 weeks holiday from are own days. ever since i have...
  9. graphics cards £150 budget

    been looking at the nvidia 660( <link) is it worth the cash or could i get better going with an amd. currently have a 9800GT thats over clocked so anything in the last 2 years is gonna be a massive jump lol
  10. Vital Elements Reborn??

    so am sure enough time has past for this to happen, i know they were working on a VE 2 but that died long ago sadly. i have the server files working just need to be made to work with the 3.55 which really is not that big of a job. the main thing is what do people want to see? i want the pvp to...
  11. 3.55 or kings

    what are peoples views on the files. like my self i dont like the spells king files bring as they are really OP which is a big turn off when trying to have any balance
  12. Looking for a new motherboard and cpu

    so ye i have around 200 to spend seen some bundles for around 220 ish with an i5 but thought this was a good place to ask before i jump in to anything. currently i have a ASRock G31M-S R2.0 with a intel pentium dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00 GHz ( ye i know sucks lol) with a Nvidia 9800 GT so ye any...
  13. microsoft drop DRM for xbox one Original Story: In what might be the most dramatic reversal in the gaming industry, Microsoft is reportedly changing course on many of the concerns related to the Xbox...
  14. Diablo 2

    any one here still play ?? long shot but hell were still playing mir lol just getting back in to it not played for like 8 years were i only beat the first act lol. some of the mods u can get now tho are amazing, any 1 know of any good mods for it ?
  15. Open beta WERE the **** is every one at no reason not to play. Its free and no pay to win bullshit. drop me a pm or a friend request if ur new and i will help u out with any questions u have /ZoniWitch
  16. any 1 have a extra key ?

    got one now :D thanks
  17. Hacked

    theres hackers flying around diablo 3 theres 100s of people been hacked and i have just become one how can i game this big be so easy to obtain peoples passwords is beyond me go change ur passwords!!!! and no i dont ahve a key logger or anything like that never been hacked on anything befor
  18. WOOOOOOO i got the staff of herding :D:D

    so after about 7 hours of grinding for the parts at last have the staff and Whimsyshire is mine to destroy well on normal any way :D :D for u who dont know what whimsyshire is its the cow level of diablo 3 :D
  19. TO THE ADMINS not mods ur a waste of time

    can u get this taifun sorted out this is his 4th server hes advertised on lomcn all of which have gone down in less than a month and all have had donations the guy is ripping the **** out of mir 3 and none of ur mods even care. What happened to u lot clamping down on people like this ???. bring...
  20. Level Cap....

    what do people think do u like them or not ?????