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  1. EuroReborn - The Highest Definition

    Archer has been either OP or worthless. let it die it doesn't fit the game. zircon are mir 3 files that feel nothing like mir 2 maybe thats why ???
  2. Infinity kings client

    no harm in backing it up either way
  3. Mir2 private servers are in the worst state since Euro went down....

    id rather see hakmed posting:ROFLMAO:
  4. Mir2 private servers are in the worst state since Euro went down....

    You cant and you probably shouldn't. Its not fair that somebody can play all day and i cant but if there putting in legit 10 extra hours the deserve to be ahead. The trick comes in patches/updates/expansions. If current endgame content is aimed at around level 40 and your next patch is going to...
  5. Android/iOS Legend of Mir 1 on LG KG150

    i got mine for a tenner it should come Thursday or Friday lol it was harder to find a working charger than the phone:LOL: ill try record some more footage when its here. its worth asking the seller had the one i bought listed as a KG150. So just to make sure i sent him a message he got back...
  6. Mir2 private servers are in the worst state since Euro went down....

    The amount of people that actually want and are willing to stick around a low rate is miniscule, other wise Xtreme would be the most populated server around. Even if jaime brought out a new mir 2 server today it wouldn't last more than a few months. The whole low rate high rate argument has...
  7. Mir2 private servers are in the worst state since Euro went down....

    I think the way the files are now everybody expects custom coding, has put quite a few off. There's a lot more possible now but there's also alot less people that are capable of doing it.
  8. Android/iOS Legend of Mir 1 on LG KG150

    Whats the chances of somebody on here being able top rip it off the phone and emulate or something, closer to 0% am guessing? am not smart enough to even think about it 1636998406 Now i just need to find a charger to fit it
  9. Android/iOS Legend of Mir 1 on LG KG150

    the LG KG130 also comes with the same game.
  10. Mir4 worth playing?

    To prove a point you all said it gets better at 25.... it never did. You all said it got better at 40+ guess what? It never did. wanna know something else 50+ same again it doesn't change. Unless you mean having to press the dodge key every now and then as improvements then sure games amazing...
  11. Mir4 worth playing?

    level 43 40k+ power 0 spent all afk.... other than clicking quest i have used 0 inputs. The game is utter ******* trash no ifs ands or buts, anybody defending this trash needs a massive ******* slap for supporting killing the industry
  12. Mir4 worth playing?

    Either way 90+% seem to be afk bots so what difference dose another 50k afk mobile bots make? Lomcn bans cash cow servers correct? surely this should have an avoid tag at the very least. The "game" is literally built around getting you to spend money.
  13. Mir4 worth playing?

    But how many of them are 22k are actually playing? The game could be half decent with decent controls, but you would have to remove 80% of the content to make it playable
  14. Mir4 worth playing?

    not 1 but 2 season passes to buy :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: game will be dead once the stolen credit card accounts are removed
  15. Mir4 worth playing?

    If you enjoy not playing games and paying 1000's on micro transactions every month then yes its worth it. Sadly it offers nothing the other auto play games this is based on offers.
  16. Legend Of Mir 4 (Basic Starters Guide)

    id rather **** in my hands and clap than touch this garbage. It's not better than anything its a copy of every other auto play "game" that's designed for one thing and that's to get as much cash from the player base as possible.
  17. Legend Of Mir 4 (Basic Starters Guide)

    for real how much are you being paid to post about this ****?
  18. Android/iOS Mir4 on Steam

    Yes i did. Its a just copy of several other auto play "games" hell there was even a mir clone posted on here 2 years ago with almost the exact same money grabbing "features" . Every system is designed to get money from you. Its hate because its ****, if you think **** like this is acceptable as...
  19. Android/iOS Mir4 on Steam

    Just remember the more people that play and put money into this pile of dog **** the less likely we will ever see a real new mir. The best we can hope for is this to die a fast painful death and it brings a few extra names over here.