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  1. SynteX

    What should I play?

    apoc V2 will open tomoz , u can try it.
  2. SynteX

    Apocalypse Mir V2

    For me , med-high rate is quite good and also I noticed many players need that , not all of us have work in the early morning and players still going on lvling / hunting , like you can keep up with them , as @LightBringer mentioned.
  3. SynteX

    Apocalypse Mir V2

    New journey begins here :D
  4. SynteX

    EuroReborn - The Highest Definition

    this is better than MIR4
  5. SynteX

    A server is up, need testers!

    I gotta test this game out
  6. SynteX

    Making a Return to Mir Chronicles

  7. SynteX

    Euro Mir History

    I still remember how the autopatcher looks like on windows XP days LUL
  8. SynteX

    Legend of Mir: Nexus [Crystal]

    Good luck dude.
  9. SynteX

    Rejected MIR420

    whoever this guy is , when i saw med/high rate i was gonna give it a go but seems his server hosted in usa , too laggy (n)😓
  10. SynteX

    Mir4 is PC + Mobile

    Okay what if the game is on korean language and you u dont even know what to do lol
  11. SynteX

    Happy Eid!

    happy eid boyz
  12. SynteX

    Hi im back

    Wb Wb
  13. SynteX

    Legend Of Mir2 WarCraft. Discussion

    the client needs an update , and the autopatcher seems doesn't work for me ..
  14. SynteX

    Mir Atlantis [Crystal M2]

    someone upload the data folder .. the items looks weird .. also I downloaded the data folder from facebook and still didnt get fixed. 1563949522
  15. SynteX

    [2.3] Mir 2.3 files / mirserver / SQL ( download links available )

    Hello .. As a few people asked me to share mir 2.3 client with mirserver , I just uploaded it now and here is the links: Mir 2.3 client Mirserver SQL 2005 + other tools Enjoy it.
  16. SynteX

    Valkyrie Re-Launch

    Share the discord link xd
  17. SynteX

    Mir 2

    Nah , I dont own any server :P
  18. SynteX

    Mir 2

    People are playing arcadia and Chronicles .. I also wait for a new decent server to come up.
  19. SynteX

    Mir 2.3 files

    Will do , nps.