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  1. xAnimo

    GM GlobalShout

    What is the Command of the GM Global Shout ? :#:S Thanks . /xAnimo
  2. xAnimo

    Map Editor

    I Need a good map editor guys please , and sombody tell me how does it work . and My SQL Doesn't Support Importing , is there any way to add a new mongen Table to spawn mobs with out importing or anyway to spawn mobs with out adding the mongen table ? Thanks . /xAnimo
  3. xAnimo

    I need Help please ppl

    Hey , I am new in the mir2 programing , never programed anything b4 tbh ! , But I finaly made a mir server with your posts , it helped me alote , now Iam missing some items in my server , like NPC's , mobs , maps , lvls and kit items Please all I need to know is how to edit a new map and how to...
  4. xAnimo

    Delphi 7 download

    This site of brothersoft may help us downloading delphi 7 but the problem is ( is it cracked ) . or a demo vesron ? Thanks . /xAnimo
  5. xAnimo

    I need some Help please !

    Hello Guys , Thank you for reading this . I want to make a mir server 2.3 I dont realy know even how to start , can I have a lil guide in the 1st ? Like which programs I'll need , which Windows and is it better to make 2.3 or 2.6 ? coz I realy dont know the deffirence between them . I know it...