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  1. Add Assassins to Odyssey : Poll

    Of course they can be balanced to be in a place that is enjoyable, Personally I think it wouldn't even be that hard but generally people just slap the baseline Assassin class in and add shadowstep which doesn't help anything. That being said I agree with Tai. **** Assassins and add Archers.
  2. [Custom C# Files] Apocalypse Mir 2

    A good number of future users have already advised you not to put them ingame, keep that in mind through your decision making.
  3. Scum

    Considering the release was only a few days ago Scum is very good for what it is, an early access survival game. Definitely has a long way to go with netcode and server/client performance. It's worth a go if you have friends that play for £15 though. Also if you manage your food you're not...
  4. Western Woool Exp Change Poll

    Will this poll be taken into consideration on the update thats due today?
  5. Zircon Server - Untold truth

    Warriors do tank a little too much but so can every class with the way you can change builds etc... Warriors have built in tankiness which is to be expected. I think its mostly to do with pills and potion mastery but I don't think nerfing potions for every class is the answer (tried this change...
  6. Retribution Mir [Crystal] Discussion

    I would have sympathy but what did you expect out of another todd server.
  7. Is Archons dead already?

    Played for a week or so and I only really quit because the server felt severely outdated.
  8. Albion Online Now in final Beta!

    Yeah i agree, thought this game would be right up my alley but its been disappointing so far.