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  1. [Other] Mir3gsp most up to date server

    low rate server lvl cap 53 assassin server more stable now hope to see people in game that still play
  2. Stats Cap CD3.56 max level 71 ? is this my DB ?

    im using a working CD3.56 server, with LS Envir and Database, i seem to have a level cap of 71 any help please ?
  3. Help Setting Up CD3.56 Server using 3.56 update from mirfiles

    Im having some trouble setting up a CD3.56 server. i have already setup a CD3.55 server and manage to get ingame with a working client. However when i try to update to CD3.56 i seem to have an error connecting. i dont know if i have correctly cracked the netloader and server. do i need...
  4. Help Setting Up CD3.56 Server using 3.56 update from mirfiles

    double post please close
  5. No Gold In Drop

    no mobs ingame are dropping gold. im using CD3.55 server with LS Envir and LS DB. also how do i change the server messages from chinese to english eg "this is not you drop" ? is the in StrE txt ? thanks for any help
  6. What Mir3 Client to use with CD3.55 - CD3.56

    Using CD3.56 server. Hello peeps question as title. what client should i use with the CD 3.55 or CD 3.56 server files. was playing around with these the other day. managed to get ingame with a modified private server configuration, but had error of no stats in game. now i can't even connect to...
  7. HELP setting up server

    all seems to be fine till run server , then get map error. some1 help plz ready to load ini file.. !setup.txt loaded.. loading string resource... String resource loaded. Connected to common database. Connected to SqlDB database. 22:52:41:ÕýÔÚ¿ªÊ¼ÔØÈëSQLÎïÆ·Êý¾Ý¿â.............¼Ç¼Êý=1349...