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  1. T0MMY

    OldSkool v2 Crystal [High Rate] [Custom Crystal]

    Looking forward to this. Good luck Ben.
  2. T0MMY

    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    Re: Legend of Mir Chronicles [AceM2] Well done Samuel. Not been around for a long time but I'm impressed with yours and your teams work. I am all for the two world split with just pvp to bring them together. This will boost your usercount because everyone enjoys a fresh server. Not to mention...
  3. T0MMY

    Five Heroes - Crystal Files

    Wow, ok. When did I mention the little boy comment being about when you joined? God almighty. Read and think before posting 'lazy moron'. GG
  4. T0MMY

    Five Heroes - Crystal Files

    I love LOMCN - the comedians. Get a grip little boy. Thanks for your help though :)
  5. T0MMY

    Heroes of the storm

    Does anyone still play this? This is the only game I'm playing anyway!
  6. T0MMY

    Five Heroes - Crystal Files

    When will this server be up? Sorry for asking but I cant seem to see an ETA.
  7. T0MMY

    Experience Rate

    Hi guys, I'm just doing a quick poll to see what experience rate the public of LOMCN like on a server. Low; Euro Rate Server (Level 40 within 2 - 3 weeks) Low - Med; Level 40 within 1 week Med; Level 40 within 5 days Med-High; Level 40 within 2-3 days High; Level 40 within 1 day
  8. T0MMY

    Zelious/Torozor [Heroes] Discussion

    Explains a lot.
  9. T0MMY

    Zelious/Torozor [Heroes] Discussion

    Yes but the lowest leveling cave is full of Keratoids and I'm too lower to kill. No start gold to buy potions either.
  10. T0MMY

    Zelious/Torozor [Heroes] Discussion

    Never played this server before and I've just logged in but unfortunately there is no guidance for new players. Until someone is kind enough to give me some idea what to do at level 1, I'll be on LoL. Thanks.
  11. T0MMY

    Business Profile

    Hi guys, I started up my own recruitment agency a month ago and a company has done my profile. Look up my most visited website ;)
  12. T0MMY

    YouTube Channel

    My initials to start the name off haha! Been my xbox and pc name for gaming so using it on youtube.
  13. T0MMY

    YouTube Channel

    Hi guys, I've just launched a YouTube Channel and looking for subscribers! Please can you help me get off to a flying start and subscribe :) Content on there is Gaming, Podcasts and Vlogs. Cheers LOMCN!
  14. T0MMY

    Invitation to Infestation Survivor Stories

    Hi guys, I'm offering all my YouTube Subscribers a chance to join a locked private server! LOOT Away! Details on my Channel
  15. T0MMY

    Path Of Exile!

    Hi guys, I'm now blogging a run to level 90! Subscribe!
  16. T0MMY

    FiveHeroes - C# Server

    Good to hear pal. Thanks for your response.
  17. T0MMY

    FiveHeroes - C# Server

    First impressions is a lot of effort on the server but class's are not balanced. Archers suck, the orb system is good but in pvp it's terrible. Sin's invisible skill, just get rid. Stop making them go invisible, kills pvp.
  18. T0MMY


    Sent you a request pal.
  19. T0MMY


    Hi people, Anyone playing Titanfall on pc? Also what do you think?
  20. T0MMY

    Arcadia [Heroes] Discussion

    What's usercount on this?