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  1. plis help

    download the 3.55 mud3 from mirfiles and try to change the files in the mir3server folder as the .dll files may be corrupted
  2. [CD3.55] Sting3G - 3.55 Discussion

    server down?
  3. [Holley] Legend Of Mir3 - Infamous

    - Oppening in March - Server Rates - Experience; x16 (Custom) - Drop x2 (Custom) - Respawn x2 - Gold x2 ___________________________ Infamous Information Admin: Infamous Hosting: 300 MB Internet dedicated & Support pc for backups. Page: ********...
  4. [Holley] Legend Of Mir 3 - Nesik Server

    good luck
  5. [Other] Loader / Netcheck Not oppen CruelDragon.exe

    Any can help me? I have exactly the same problem as the
  6. [Holley] Master Student ressurect

    Any can help, please?
  7. [Holley] Master Student ressurect

    Hello all , anyone can help? I need to allow the teacher to revive his students using the menu control X , someone explains to me , as I do , please? Thank you very much in advance
  8. [Release] King Map Editor

    Hi , i have one question , i can use this program for make minimaps? how? thanks