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  1. stupple

    New cave Video ( boss at end auto tt out of here lol)

    just popped into red moon cave this what it looks like record as stand new time i record at best
  2. stupple

    new cave

    has anyone been in it yet any good? any point login in to try it out? what about the new server that then going do?
  3. stupple

    MMORPG giveaway Event Duration: April 12th to May 11th (PDT) (NEW PLAYERS)

    UPDATE JUST BE INFORMATION THAT THIS IS WORRY GAME my bad just look at name MIR 3D got A at end lol i should check link. this is an Conquer game not A Conquera (MIR 3D) MMORPG give away keyss infor below he...
  4. stupple

    addition information

    will people been asking for information so i post this main site main site it got lot information here
  5. stupple

    NO MAN'S SKY (Honest Game Trailers)

    this good vido maybe me lol about the game tho who played it will get it
  6. stupple

    New profject WoOOl C# Maybe?

    i be thing about this over last week. it easy to do Basie stuff to get an working client and sever using CrystalM2 files tho will need to change most the code. and i not yes play woool my self so no idea how it feels but like option where ppl can custion hell out off stuff down side to this i...
  7. stupple

    help 2.3 mir files clent

    ok i be looking round site for tho 2.3 files uneidt files i cant fopund them all links dont work and all time i try to found it in search it come up with is err Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in /mnt/old/home/lomcn/www/forum/search.php...
  8. stupple

    new image for prguse.wil char srceen

    fish one i add mir 2 at end lol u can edit put ur server name if u used it lol can be downlaod at ere copy and past is u like look like is when working use h8 found ur data files and go to Prguse.wil open ( clicl import) then replace ent 65 and uder...
  9. stupple

    Dedi Server

    be loooking round lomcn for like copur days look at server and google some i found cheap one bye lifco but the fack it end up being over 1k cus add packed eacn is server only 30 pound moth anyone tell me what best to add on server pactkg and base what i dont need like fwall are like not cheap...
  10. stupple

    what u think of is charelt seleion

    i was bored last night see some i like but it wasnt right 4 mir i use so i tho i edit see if i could make it work tbh look ok to u get to botton lol when it it 4am i tho i leave it as at go to bed lol i can do a lot better but cba lol i was look at it keep founing letter thing to fk then end up...
  11. stupple

    server files

    i no is may be bit off but i got he serverfiles going test it mint dont tho if anyone wannt them if so i may upload it lol but allso the files are 500mb (and patchson for it) all so u need downlaod the game but the downlaod in in the server files wich files are 6gb lol if anyone wannt let me...
  12. stupple


    i for i do releases not see any horse wil out ehre so ere one mu made up i did try to inpu the phinxe dont seem to work will it will work but cba atm to fix it use Shape 52+ and btw dont use 51 with is to i fix it
  13. stupple

    new server (host)

    hello guy i am think makeing new server some think i not see befor. will i have idea in my head and i know i can get to most the files done rdy in mouth but it the host side i worred if anyone know what is he cheaper host out here and are good cus i do not have much monye like lol so cheaper...
  14. stupple

    how do u clear mob for map

    as in kill with out rebooting server
  15. stupple

    1.9help hmm

    hello guy I set up 1.9 server but I can't connet to it ues the exe mir comfie I ues all the gulde sill can't connat ues the programs I try the eu mir exe and that work but I can't go pass the log tbh it just doont do any think ps I am uesing of line files any 1 got any ideas
  16. stupple

    may idea plz

    ok i thinking of comeing back to make some server need to known what ppl like in a server what the best server going now what server u lot play and if u like to get invloew in joining the team maybe need a server ( if i do notr buy a new one for the job) If anyone give me some feel...
  17. stupple


    any one i am back i up to makeing a mir 3 server i just think wot do you lot what in the server move maps ( huting zone caves ) and thinks move mobs move items new spells lot of new items or wot if you can put some plut some think you like and do not like then i think ppl can ues is to help...