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    What happens when you reply to spam email
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    FAO: all developers/mir serv creators. Can any1 solve this?

    I think its one of the last things that still remain the same since beta 15 years ago. The fact that if ur net went down or ur power , or u get bluescreen or restart , and so on...ur char doesnt disconnect immediately, and still stay in the game for few mins. Can any1 solve this? Or is it that...
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    Fao all romanians FITI MANDRII FRATII MEI :D
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    iPhone 5s or HTC one M8 ?

    Saw some reviews and it's pretty even overall score... Which one should I go for?
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    [Heroes] How to make slaying toggleable?

    So basically make it work like halfmoon/chm/trusting etc. This is so warrs can still get the 3 acc from the skill but can set it @off so it wont interrupt TDB and such.. If any1 can copy paste what I need to type would be great :# Thx ! C`mon guys..I'm sure there is some1 who knows..