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  1. stupple

    Virtual Reality

    had my for 2 years don't really use it that much. it good tho
  2. stupple

    [Request] Mir 2 Crystal Server EXE

    I would love a link to the Edens files but open people who got them are the one who manages to download it.
  3. stupple

    [Request] Looking for a db for crystal servers or a guide to show me how to get a simple a server running for personal use.
  4. stupple

    Staff Required

    what people are applying to be your slave or are they just want a shiny new title to look cool then what they are.
  5. stupple

    Staff Required

    did you banned and stack more staff?
  6. stupple

    LOMCN Donating

    lol could that be hello Anonymous tho times stamp to match up
  7. stupple

    Wizard Pet Taming

    tong are only one tamable lol at high level not see anyone who 45 plus do spider yet
  8. stupple

    St maze route

    Dudul ?
  9. stupple

    New/Fresh server launching 24th July

    mines then drop books are are 5k so on and selling sum to shops you found out you get lots of cash and if like your lucky you can hit 6 subs every 10mins
  10. stupple

    New/Fresh server launching 24th July

    This game not for hunting norn mobs if you do that you be Brook in no time you got fram subs to get cash. Norm place don't drop anythink unless you try to spam a sub in hight level cave
  11. stupple

    New/Fresh server launching 24th July

    when i started play mir it was on 26kb/ dia up. so to me just part of the game just hand cap mode ---------- Post Merged at 04:45 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 04:43 PM ---------- no it same as befor
  12. stupple

    New/Fresh server launching 24th July

    nothing really new same ping wiz are easy to lvl skill taos are afker lvlvers soon then get skel war slow as hell to lvl but faster then taos to lvl 19 played for 3-4 last night 2hr to get to 17 and other just playing about in mines geting book and items lvl atm 18 30% most the hight level...
  13. stupple

    New cave Video ( boss at end auto tt out of here lol)

    Hmm i dont no i pettery sure if I joined on the new server I rule it. As I know alot about it and can play in the mass ping but I would say lot other people would be thinking the same think. I pop on to check RME talk to few people the main server dead then do lot event's but the content it not...
  14. stupple

    New cave Video ( boss at end auto tt out of here lol)

    8 = DOgz 9 = Hex 0 = Skel - = Amc buff = = ac buff auto potter and tt is in game configuration > protect and it in english now
  15. stupple

    New cave Video ( boss at end auto tt out of here lol)

    just popped into red moon cave this what it looks like record as stand new time i record at best
  16. stupple

    new cave

    so your back then? i gust i pop on and go to rmv
  17. stupple

    new cave

    has anyone been in it yet any good? any point login in to try it out? what about the new server that then going do?
  18. stupple


    Tbh I was in the same boat I enjoy the game, but ones then did that event that allows anyone to level up without doing nothing made me change my mind then keep doing event that gives out items which make hunt pointless and some events then do make that items are so good but here lots in game...
  19. stupple

    Login is Prohibited

    you need to log in and do the 2 face vefr crap e.g enter you mobile number
  20. stupple

    Monk skills

    any idea where this code is located as i tried to do something like that before but the frames allways crashed e.g need 8-9 not 6