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  1. Deathbringer

    [Zircon] Xenos - Discussion

    Features: - Balanced Taoist pets so they are relevant at higher levels. - Completely reworked rebirths and the stats that are rewarded. - Group buff (+40% Exp, Drop and Gold) when all 4 classes are in a group. - Plenty of custom content. - Many new hunting areas and items. - Champion mob...
  2. Deathbringer

    [Zircon] Xenos Mir 3 - Coming Soon

    Server Rates: Experience: x150 (Medium) Drops: Custom Gold: Custom Monster: x2 Max Level: 1000 Starting Level: 1 Starting Gold: 0 Expected release date 10/04/2020. Some of the custom features: - Balanced Taoist pets so they are relevant at higher levels. - Completely reworked rebirths and...
  3. Deathbringer

    Put the feelers out.

    So ,we've been away from the legend of Mir scene for a few years now to concentrate on mods for different games mainly Arma2 and Arma3 with the release of dayz and altis life etc, our community has drastically grown from January and we now have 13000+ members. We started our life of...
  4. Deathbringer

    [Holley] Xenos Mir 3

    Xenos High Rate Dedicated Server Stats: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33GHZ 4gb RAM 100mb Upload Server Stats: Exp: x128 (Custom) Drops: x1 (Custom) Gold: x1 (Custom) MonGen: x1 (Custom) Server Includes: FamePoint System Integral System Special Repair Bonus Stats Upgradeable Items Rebirth System (5)...
  5. Deathbringer

    Tao Pets untaming

    Hi there, When a Tao summons a pet either Skelly, Jin or Shinso it will stay tamed for about 30 seconds and then it will untame itself and start killing the tao. However it's been fine up until now and has only just started untaming, I have rebooted the server and still nothing is happening...
  6. Deathbringer

    Small Problem with CD

    Hello, This error keeps popping up and spamming my CD Everything is working as it should apart from the RunGate, Does anyone have any solutions to this problem?
  7. Deathbringer

    Weddimg Rings

    Hi, Does anyone know the MapInfo command that disables a players spose from teleporting to them on a specific map? Thanks
  8. Deathbringer

    GroupBonus and NewUser help

    Hi i was wondering if i can get some help with adding my group bonus and newuser scripts.. Ive searched the forums and so far i've come if with this: GroupBonus in mapquest.txt 0 [0] 0 [MonDie] SmallDemon [MapQuest_Def\GroupBonus] [@GroupBonus] Group and in...
  9. Deathbringer

    DataBase Weapon Shapes

    Hi every1 for sum reason when I choose a weapon shape in the DB it looks different on a Male character than a Female character. Any ideas on what I need to do to fix this problem? Thanx
  10. Deathbringer

    Wix Wil Problems

    Im having a bit of trouble adding some images into the ground.wil, Im using the WilEditor2 to open the Wix files and add the images. I already have the images in the Inventory and Equip, just when I try to add the image to the Ground, it seems to myself like I am doing it correctly but then...
  11. Deathbringer


    Hi there, Over the past month or so we've been putting together a Mir 3 server. This is our first server and we are trying to make it unique. We are hopefully launching the server within the next few weeks for open beta testing. The server includes, alot of custom scripting, lots of new items...
  12. Deathbringer

    Connection Issue

    Hey lomcn, Im fairly new to the server creation scene so im sorry if you all find this post a little 'nooby' as such. I started to make a server from scratch as you do, I followed guides and on the bits I got stuck on I searched on this forum which I must say was so much help The server is...