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  1. Konradf

    Guild looking for Mir 3 server.

    Hello Im playin DarkSide from the beginin and i cant stop play now :) Its awsome ! The server is not "polish" server, both GM are living and working in UK and server is located in UK as well . U can easy find players from UK, Germany, Poland , Romania, USA even from far away Asia ! So in many...
  2. Konradf


    So why u make this thread, if we can't comment? This is english forum, if u want make your own server and Releas it here, it must be "english" server :]
  3. Konradf


    Re: Up Comming Server Infiniti When will be Up that will be The Best Server ever :ppunk:
  4. Konradf


    Voted for 15x coz low rate is boring for me I see IceMan make it 3x on first post :middle:
  5. Konradf

    Galactik Hacking..

    Today server was Up for 1-2 hours......, then GM turn off server ...... i think this situaion bring server to the dead....