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  1. Diablo Immortal

    I see everyone is on the bandwagon of it being **** because of the legendary gem fiasco. I stopped playing myself, as I always get bored of any diablo game after a couple of weeks at most, but the game itself has more content than both diablo 2 and diablo 3. Without the legendary gem P2W...
  2. Real Madrid - Liverpool

    I think you mean the last 2 minutes :sneaky:
  3. Server of the Year 2021

    This. The amount of new features they have implemented alone is why they get my vote o/
  4. Mir4 worth playing?

    Don't bother, just wait for the next big private server. Whales on mobile games will always dominate.
  5. Legend Of Mir 4 (Basic Starters Guide)

    It's the same as every other mobile mmorpg available on mobile. Doesn't feel anything like Mir, really should have just done a mobile port of Mir2 or Mir3 :(
  6. Mir4 mobile!!!

    Kinda disappointed. A Mir2 mobile port would have been a lot better.
  7. Euro Mir (P2P?)

    Going to the local shop and topping up a Splash Plastic card just to pay the monthly sub for Mir, who could forget that
  8. Legend of Mir: Nexus [Crystal]

    The image is not clickable for the download? Can you fix it please :D want to give this a try tonight Edit: also discord link doesn't work?
  9. [Zircon] Ben's Mir3 - Discussion

    There are only a few skills new. Shaman has tempest insted if wizard, paladin has halfmoon insted of warrior. The 2 new classes are just skills from other classes plus a few extra, nothing special
  10. [Zircon] Phoenix XE - Discussion

    Indeed there will be, I think the majority of people who will stay in Phoenix are the lot who played long term on the original. Everyone else will probably end up on Taral
  11. [Zircon] Phoenix XE - Discussion

    Just wait for Taral if you want to PK/PvP o/
  12. [Zircon] Phoenix XE and Taral XE

    Only problem with beta is the wipe that happens, as soon as it's live I will probably give it a go though, as I very much enjoyed the original Phoenix server they created.
  13. Add Assassins to Odyssey : Poll

    While you're at it, add Druid.
  14. Which phone you rocking in 2020

    OnePlus 8 here, big fan of the OnePlus phones in general. Being in a job where I am using both Android and iOS devices everyday, I think they are both good... but the price for iOS isn't justifiable
  15. [Zircon] Kraken - Discussion

    Haven't played mir in months, will give this a go as it looks very well done, good luck with the launch!
  16. MirWorld

    He would need people who will actually test things properly and not just find the best leveling route. The only problem is, this happens on pretty much every server with a beta and then it gets launched with plenty of exploits and causes issues.
  17. PSA: Wash your hands and #staythefuckhomeplayingmir

    Not currently off work, because management only just agreed we should work from home. So I believe my day tomorrow will be spent organising something I suggested a couple of weeks back and get everything sorted so me and my team can continue to finish our work from home. Hopefully this time...
  18. [Zircon] Ben's Mir3 - Discussion

    Might want to change something in that sentence :P
  19. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    What we should be asking is if there are Genders on this server, or can we be Gender neutral? 🥴
  20. Game Life Time Line

    Did anyone else have a love for the game Push-Over. I had it on the SNES and it's still one of my favourite puzzle games to play. I can never find anyone else who played it.