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  1. chinaboy

    [Release] QGO(Ignis) client files from 2022

    QGO(Ignis) client files from 2022 1,Extended monster file support .mon1-mon40 2,Modify the client to support dx9, perfectly solve the game screen freeze 3,More exciting content waiting for you to discover You need to use the decrypter to view the files. Link may not last long so please make...
  2. chinaboy

    [Release] QGO client files from 2019

    1.Add monster attribute display 2.Add monster HP display 3.Add Npc avatar You can view NPCFACE with the WIL tool. Sample script [@Convert_00ItemShopBichon-10_1] { {NPCIMG/13} | |Welcome to my Store\ | |If you would buy GR Pointsk,please\ | |visit | |What would you...
  3. chinaboy

    [GSP] New Mir3 server LoginServer+DBServer+LoginGate+SelGate+ rungate

    New Mir3 server LoginServer+DBServer+LoginGate+SelGate+ rungate. Unable to upload pictures, specific test. download link
  4. chinaboy

    [GSP] Korea mir3

    My friend has been stripped of GameGuard Has been able to log gsp server Mir3Game.exe(Extracting passwords chinaboy) download client download
  5. chinaboy

    [Holley] new 2010 version of Holley engine

    New 2010 version of Holley engine ---------- Post Merged at 11:30 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 11:18 PM ---------- Without authorization tools, also is just a pile of junk files.Unless someone can break off the authorization documents
  6. chinaboy

    MIR3 Mobile

    A high imitation mir3 mobile phone platform online games. Can also be said to be mir3 mobile version. But I guess not very good control.
  7. chinaboy

    [Other] GSP (Global Service Platform)

    GSP (Global Service Platform)
  8. chinaboy

    [Other] SNDA Mir3 will update the assassin

    Link: Internal testing time: 2014/10/17 19: 00--2014 / 10/19 / 24:00 Assassin magic
  9. chinaboy

    [Release] wil / wtl file format map reader source code

    Support wtl / wil map reading Download ps: If you are interested you can download, compile extend more features
  10. chinaboy

    [Other] character←→monster

  11. chinaboy

    [Other] Legend of Mir 3D Legend of Mir 3D Official Website
  12. chinaboy

    [King] 20130713-46 magic engine service

    1 Unzip to a computer drive d: 2.The game data restore data to sql2000 3.Registration game engine 4.The default password is chinaboy To change your password ,your own modifications. 5.Game Zone name bindings can not be modified. landers to cover the game client. 7.Accordance with the...
  13. chinaboy

    Chinese official mir3 latest update skills

    Changed too little suited. Connection Horse Riding release skills
  14. chinaboy

    [Other] vb prepared mir3 simulator

    vb prepared mir3 simulator Download
  15. chinaboy

    2013/02/27 Updated 42 magic engine【Support gemstone inlaid】

    2013/02/27 Updated 42 magic engine【Support gemstone inlaid】 Download Extracting passwords Provide engine registration service, please submit hardware fingerprint
  16. chinaboy

    [Release] King Map Editor

    King Map Editor The map editor to read maps quickly
  17. chinaboy

    [Holley] Holley 5.02 Engine server

    Post a Holley 5.02 Engine serverEngine Version:Holley 5.02 Language:Chinese Test Status: no Since my computer is so AMD cpu is not currently installed successfully Download Extracting passwords
  18. chinaboy

    [King] king20110706 engine server+Client【Another version】

    Server Download Client Download Client extracting passwords
  19. chinaboy

    [Release] Latest Korean mir3 map [Tarzan]

    Latest Korean mir3 map [Tarzan/Tai Shan] Latest Korean mir3 map [Tarzan/Tai Shan] Map is not perfect. Material of the current lack of houses and walls Map file Download Monster File Download...
  20. chinaboy

    [Tutorial] HL3.55/HL3.56 engine authorized registration of dual-core

    This video tutorial will help solve the amd dual core / quad core cpu registration