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  1. quanzhou

    anyone ever has tried a ```quest-designer``` ?

    An GUI to design a quest, maybe based on FSM, saved in XML or descriptive language, and can be translated to lua or other thing.
  2. quanzhou

    c++ mir2x sound enabled

    NPC scripts. Currently I use lua to setup NPC interactions. I don't have any experience how to design NPC system, this is a newbie product. mainly each NPC has a lua table named ```processNPCEvent```, which is a string->function table. client post string which triggers functions in the table...
  3. quanzhou

    c++ mir2x sound enabled

    monster sound, act sound. Magic sound is not ready for now. repo: any contribution is welcome. was started as a C++ learning project, but seems it has been much beyond that.
  4. quanzhou

    For the mir3 1.45, anyone knows the 125.wav and 126.wav is used for what?

    I have uploaded the files, please remove the .rar file suffix, otherwise I can not upload it. Hears like some item click GUI sound.
  5. quanzhou

    For the mir3 1.45, anyone knows the 125.wav and 126.wav is used for what?

    I am trying to decode all these sound files. Looks all *.wav files I have know it's usage, except these two, in the Sound dir. 125.wav, 126.wav, hears like some item click/hover sound effect.
  6. quanzhou

    failed for recently interview.

    Need a treehole. Interviewed google, was feeling fine. The boss even sent my friend (who referred me) message saying I am strong during the interview and she hope me to choose her team. At that time I thought I have made it. But still get reject from HR, I guess the hire committee doesn't like...
  7. quanzhou

    mir2x: added common/rare items, online account creation, magic icons, etc

    NPC script is still pending. Daily quest system is pending. Magic damage effect is pending. Hope people can try and feedback, contribution is much appreciated.
  8. quanzhou

    anybody know what's the cRatio in the xxx.gen file?

    I guess this is some kind of ratio, like a elite monster type ratio.
  9. quanzhou

    NPC added

    Hi zedina, Yes the mapeditor loads wemade map format, but I save it into another format to load in the game. It's prettry same, 1 2x2 grid uses 1 block, and then compress with zip, to get smaller size. there are utility to convert back and forth. Database is using flat file type, keep a table...
  10. quanzhou

    NPC added

    I use lua to programming all these NPCs, it looks pretty verbose, comparing to the legacy mir2 script. It's just easier for me to maintain, since I am the only one developer on it. Lua is a language can be picked up in 10 minutes. Anyone interested can help to port all NPC scripts, it's a huge...
  11. quanzhou

    NPC added

    Happy to reach next stage. repo is here, a pure c++ one:
  12. quanzhou

    How to fix this map edit issue when drawing objects

    I am to export the mir2 map to a PNG file. when step grid (x, y) has object, I am drawing it at : (x * 48, y * 32 + 32 - image_h) most of the time it works but it sometimes gives me mis-aligned object, like shown in attachment. I tried Illusion mapeditor v7 solves it. what's my error? thanks!