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  1. [GSP] Gelu Mir3 - Nostalgic Feel

    Having recently tried the new Apoc server that came up on friday, i was surprised to see not only did they have 200% exp potions but how expensive buying game gold on there was, on top of that most people didn't seem to mind? Which blew my mind. I've been away from Mir for a long time but if...
  2. [GSP] Gelu Mir3 - Nostalgic Feel

    I'd also play for nostalgia's sake if its going to be similar to old school retail
  3. Mir3 private servers are in the worst state since Global went down....

    After trying most of the Mir 2 servers the last few years it just makes me want a proper Mir 3 server Mir 3 was always the superior Mir.
  4. Ancient Mir - Coming Soon!

    i was tanking fairly well without puppet, it was the life steal + dark conversion that made it so easy, obviously having much faster kill speed helped aswell, but thats how sins should be. Just little concerned about life steal making everything so easy right now, this is the exact same problem...
  5. Ancient Mir - Coming Soon!

    I've been playing a little, i like the server a lot so far. Tested war/wiz/sin at 45. Assasin just does almost everything better at this level, one example is being able to tank 3-4 mobs in WD with a much higher kill speed while warrior struggles with 1-2 mobs, if defiance would work like other...
  6. Albion Online

    I am going that route also xD almost got my Scythe!
  7. Albion Online

    I have got into Beta and the game is very good, as much as I expected, back home in few days so I can play more. As for the game being "arcadey" and gear being disposable, the very best endgame gear will take years to get, so no it is not disposable at all, you just need to be careful which...
  8. Albion Online

    Posting this as it has a lot of similarities to Mir. Full open world sandbox game with full pk/pvp everything is open world even the dungeons which will have people fighting over bosses etc. Nothing is instanced. Crafting / Gathering system like Ark Survival (cut down tree's and mine stone for...
  9. Open Beta PVP/PK screenshots

    lol vendetta is just another perfect example of a really poor player with a big mouth, theres always been lots of them on mir, he's no diffrent, espically now hes arse licking up to kos so they let him in
  10. Mir3 Global Screenshots

    ur right i have no idea, its always been like that for me lol
  11. Mir3 Global Screenshots

    check ur posts on this thread and you will see whos the 4 year old, im just winding u up. u mad?
  12. Mir3 Global Screenshots

    go cry "shady" whoever the fk that is
  13. Mir3 Global Screenshots

    i didnt have headstart on other server either lal. if u seen me pvp then u'll have no probs 1v1 then right? and who the fk is shady? lmao im guessing another low level kos arselicker? yer it sounds like that cya ingame :)
  14. Mir3 Global Screenshots

    aww, its the only one i have seeing that i lost rest when i unistalled old client whats ur ingame name im sure i can add u to the screenies aswell :)
  15. Mir3 Global Screenshots

    u mean ones like this? damn i need to start takin more screenies, i always forget
  16. Mir 3 Open Beta Announcement

    that the right client?
  17. Post your Screenshots of Beta.

    azura isnt sphinx and how was sphinx biked on usa? only one person played sphinx, was the same guy the whole time.
  18. Wemade Mir3 is moving to USA!

    who are you?
  19. Wemade Mir3 is moving to USA!

    who are you?
  20. levels of lomcn members?

    He was calling you 6 because thats how you come accross in your posts. If your idea of amusement ( to the point where your sides hurt ) is winding up a couple of internet dudes and clearly failing is your idea of fun then your hardly in the place to be calling anybody sad but yourself...