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  1. IceSlice

    [Zircon] Legend of Mir 3 Global - Discussion

    i cant see why your replying to my post this is mir3 section , go back to mir2 :) and also if people feel like refunding you cant stop them unfortunately, gm advertises game as a low rate then puts OP xmas event items ingame and wonders why people level so fast and out levels the content...
  2. IceSlice

    [Zircon] Legend of Mir 3 Global - Discussion

    only way to get money on this server is killing Santa really which can drop up like 800k-10m a kill, other then that there isn't a great way to earn gold, so as soon as event is gone i feel sorry for people. currently have several players, who have out leveled the current content of the game...
  3. IceSlice

    WildDragon Mir2[Crystal]

    Patcher aint loading up. tried the fixes and it still aint running...wont even open. edit: fixed.. my bad
  4. IceSlice

    High rate server sooooon?

    +1 on this something fun
  5. IceSlice

    ~~Vanilla~~ Low rate server (trying to make Europe/global original Mir 3)

    Any discord link, eta on server live?
  6. IceSlice

    [OFFLINE] Sparta Mir2 - Discussion

    Actually i quit once i got to level 3 and realised how bad the server was, i didn't intend to waste my time, i was speaking on behalf of what others had mentioned to me about balance, but i cant say i didn't expect it to say the least because although he tries to make a good server bless him, he...
  7. IceSlice

    [OFFLINE] Sparta Mir2 - Discussion

    i feel sorry for you, trying to defend herc, when everyone but you could see how poorly put together the server was, its idiots like you that make servers worse.
  8. IceSlice

    [OFFLINE] Sparta Mir2 - Discussion

    Well after all these years playing mir its not the worse server, that award goes to ya previous server so atleast you are consistant.
  9. IceSlice

    LegendOfMir2 "TheEnd" - Discussion

    sounds like resolution issue? graphics card drivers all up to date? windows updates all done? are you playing on laptop or pc etc as can determine what resolutions you can play on.
  10. IceSlice

    Legend of Sparta “Mir2 HighRate”

    I haven't tried the server, most likely wont even bother now due to quite a few people all telling me the same thing, unbalanced, trash/ complete waste of time. without being rude i kind of expected that to be the case after playing your previous server, by all means i wish you like and you sort...
  11. IceSlice

    [Zircon] LoveMir - No Donation Server - Discussion

    Theres a difference between spilling poison and telling the truth? as for being banned, no i wasnt? i lost 2 chars to a bug you cant fix and simply didnt want to waste my time again because your too idiotic. this server wont last long so i didn't need to waste my time nor effort making the...
  12. IceSlice

    [Zircon] LoveMir - No Donation Server - Discussion

    I'd avoid the server if possible, The GM has 0 clue, everytime he reboots he makes things worse, you have bugs from day 1 which he hasn't even looked into which is Characters/accounts bugging out and then your told to just keep making new accounts? the gm is active for about 10 mins a day other...
  13. IceSlice

    [Zircon] LoveMir - No Donation Server - Discussion

    server down? cant connect
  14. IceSlice

    Which phone you rocking in 2020

    Huawei p30 pro, was all for iphones before this phone, now i wouldn't even consider buying another iphone after owning the Huawei
  15. IceSlice

    Selling OP lvl 175 warr P69

  16. IceSlice

    Xtreme Phoenix Mir 3 - Reboot

    I mean achieving level 250 with the current content ingame would take a very long time indeed. Clearly you wasn't all that good at mathematics in school to realise this. My apologise boss.
  17. IceSlice

    Xtreme Phoenix Mir 3 - Reboot

    People are asking for content not features so they can actually hunt LOL and top 5 players i'd say theres over 20 level 80's who've reached cap now? but seeing as your a retard who cant see that is beyond me. Anyhow i'd like to see relevant posts from a GM not some nobody on this forum.
  18. IceSlice

    Xtreme Phoenix Mir 3 - Reboot

    The updates are so slow, i actually think they work slower then Ancient mir server owners did, i didnt actually realise that was possible. So now they've made these awful changes, You've got to then wait a few days for a level cap is lifted. The main problem i see with the server so far is the...
  19. IceSlice

    Xtreme Phoenix Mir 3 - Reboot

    no rebirth system AFAIK, but as the Above post, GM's dont listen to any constructive feedback and just do their own thing unfortunately. Nice enough server quite alot of friendly players. Shame currently the server owners are letting it down. Maybe if they actually start listening to what...