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  1. awesome

    later i have 5000 crystal maps

    i plan to create 5000 crystal maps brand new large to medium size is anyone interested on buying them? i will post mini map images so you can choose which maps you need what's the new maps monetary value? there is 5000 maps
  2. awesome

    [Zircon] mutantGOD mir3 server, warrior only

    Server type: Zircon Server Name: mutantGOD IP address: Processor: 8 cores 2.60 GHz Intel Xeon(R) E-2378 (Hyper-Threaded) Memory: 64GB Experience: Rate 500 Gold Rate: 100 Drop Rate: 2500 Skill Rate: 100 Skill Exp: 100 Companion Rate: 100 Starting Level: 0 Max Level: 372 Starting...
  3. awesome

    [Request] export map objects .X files as .PNGs

    is it possible to export all object .X files as transparent .PNGs batch if possible it runs the entire object list and saves everything as PNG
  4. awesome

    [Request] full map screen shot as normal in game view scale

    is there an option to take a full map screenshot in the map editor, the scale of the map in game? real scale not zoomed out is it easy to implement? if it doesn't exist public void createMiniMap() { Bitmap miniBitmap = new Bitmap(mapWidth * 12, mapHeight * 8...
  5. awesome

    [Release] new weapons

    created some new weapons
  6. awesome

    [Request] The kingdom of heroes (TKOH) client

    hi, does anyone have the client for tkoh server that they can upload and share a download link please if you have the client upload it and share the link tkoh is offline right now i will try to relaunch it but i'm missing the client file thanks in advance i know it's around 7 GB so thanks...
  7. awesome

    [Help] looking for HL_5.02_NetCheck

    does anyone have HL_5.02_Netcheck? version 5.02 i'm looking for i have the loader but not netcheck share if possible
  8. awesome

    [CD3.55] logingate >> mirlogin.exe not connecting

    mirlogin.exe throws an error dbsrvr Illegal IP [] I want to connect to the data server, it is forbidden by the server! where is this error from loginserv 12:11:02 Unavailble LoginGate has tried connection.
  9. awesome

    warrior class only server

    just to gather some opinions I had this idea of creating a warrior only class server would you play? a warrior only server
  10. awesome

    tencent checking server ports

    so i look at my server logs because i wasn't on my PC most of the day and i see tencent's IP ", Connected." how come they check if port is open when there's no way they could randomly guess my ip and also it's not run on port 7000 but on port 7001 i check with an online open port...
  11. awesome

    [Request] Starting gold

    I'm working on some crystal mir2 server files. I need help with "starting gold" which is added every time a new character logs in. it should be added only to the account on first login and never on each character. this way players create characters and earn gold every time the character logs in...
  12. awesome

    [GSP] GSP network error

    i installed a GSP server with all the default configurations but it still throws an error before logging in server side all the statuses seem ok, no errors
  13. awesome

    [Request] choose a server from a server list

    I plan to launch 3 servers and for it to work well, there has to be a way for the users to choose a server from a list. I cannot program yet so this is a request for creating a way to choose a server from a list of servers either on the launcher of before the login screen is it easy to create...
  14. awesome

    Are new concept server features needed?

    I want to know peoples opinions about this. I can create many server concept features that are not copied from anywhere else. I want to know if this is something people are interested in. I also want instead of posting a thread for each concept , create a PDF file that explains more than 50...
  15. awesome

    [Other] MIR3 2010 source code

    this is the source code for mir3 the sdo version. The source is depreciated and needs to be updated to 2018 version from 2010 version
  16. awesome

    [Request] How to associate mobs from database to wzl mob image files

    i'm currently trying to import from Chinese mir2 to crystal mir2 the Chinese mobs but i cannot associate from the data in the Chinese database to Chinese wzl mob image files from the Chinese mir2 client.
  17. awesome

    [GSP] Translated GSP version CMList.dat

    does anyone have the english version of the CMList.dat file for GSP server/client version
  18. awesome

    [Request] JOB Client 1.40 - 1.45 download

    I'm looking for JOB Client 1.40 - 1.45 download link if possible for someone to upload it and post a link Ty ---------- Post Merged on 24-04-2017 at 02:10 PM ---------- Previous Post was on 22-04-2017 at 12:41 AM ---------- anyone has a download link for this client version?
  19. awesome

    [Request] korean mir3 patcher

    I'm looking for the Korean Mir3 patcher upload if possible thanks a lot
  20. awesome

    [Request] latest RPGViewer

    where can i find a korean mir2 .wil viewer does anyone have RPGViewer for the latest korean mir2 .wil files (2016 version)