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    @84785238 - Change the link in your signature to
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    what does this stats do on mir 3 holley guys?

    Poison Recovery I think, the time it takes for it to wear off. Not tested either stat though.
  3. idaBigA

    [Holley] log file

    Aren't they something to do with the database transaction log? Why would you need to?
  4. idaBigA

    [Request] Looking for original Sabuk Province map

    This is in the Pheonix King files if anyone has a copy of them, it went offline a couple of years ago.
  5. idaBigA

    [Holley] Check map

    !CheckHum D006 4 - check that there are not 4 or more players on a map D006. CheckHum D006 3 - check that there are no fewer than 3 players on map D006 This particular combo would check that there are exactly 3 players on map D006.
  6. idaBigA

    [CD3.55] Sting3G - 3.55 Discussion Latest copy, not sure if I have made any changes since 2013 though lol Other random Mir stuff in there also, feel free to delve..
  7. idaBigA

    [CD3.55] Sting3G - 3.55 Discussion

    Server closed. It's had a fault which I really can't be bothered to rectify, its been inaccessible for a couple of weeks and nobody complained so I figured it can't be that needed lol. Thanks to everyone who played. Server files are available if anyone wants, but I don't think there is any...
  8. idaBigA

    [CD3.55] Sting3G - 3.55

    Server Closed - Please archive thread.
  9. idaBigA

    [CD3.55] Sting3G - 3.55 Discussion

    Usually 0 to 3 people.
  10. idaBigA

    [CD3.55] Sting3G - 3.55 Discussion

    Sorry guys, been away. Server should be up and fine although just done a reboot to make sure.
  11. idaBigA

    [CD3.55] Sting3G - 3.55 Discussion

    Rebooted, should be fine now
  12. idaBigA

    [CD3.55] Game version not compatible

    If you are trying to use Sting's client, you should be using Stings server files. If both are Sting's, I would suggest a change in one of the config files. The only place I can think there is a version number is this line in the CruelDragon3G.INI but there may be others. 登陆器版本号=3.68
  13. idaBigA

    [Holley] Open public server (open ports)!

    For Holley, you only need those 4 open, 5 if you want to allow usercount. Sorry, but I don't give any personal support any more. There may be issues with your router, I had a BT-Hub6 at my previous house and it simply would not work no matter what I tried. Everything looked fine but it would...
  14. idaBigA

    [Holley] Open public server (open ports)!

    These are the IP's and Ports that Sting uses, and this works for an online server. SQL TBL_PUBIPS localhost MIR3 TBL_SELECTGATEIPS Sting 7100 MIR3 mud3\mir3server\HolleyDBSvr\HolleyDBSvr.exe IP Set in here - mud3\mir3server\HolleyDBSvr\!serverinfo.txt...
  15. idaBigA

    [Help] Visual errors of mobs

    I am honestly not sure where I took this from or whether it was in the original files. Try changing Race, RaceIMG or Appr and see what it does, I am not sure which one will affect its movement but one of them does.
  16. idaBigA

    [CD3.55] Sting3G - 3.55 Discussion

    Apologies all, I don't come on here often enough! Updated the router settings so you can make an account now.
  17. idaBigA

    Win32 error

    That post is for an online server. It was the exact setup from Sting3G at the time.
  18. idaBigA

    [CD3.55] Sting3G - 3.55

    Double EXP till New Year... Enjoy :)
  19. idaBigA

    [Holley] Help Server Crueldragon

    Download this setup guide. It was for the old LS files but most of the information is still good... Once you have been through that, go to here and setup all of these...
  20. idaBigA

    Win32 error

    It sounds like a config problem, either here or elsewhere... please check this post and all are correct.