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  1. Mir2/3 to be released to EU again?

    is this what you have heard?
  2. Any Mir coming soon

    Artificial Mir, i believe they should have something in the next couple of weeks if discord reads correctly. They've been working on it for over 2 years now.
  3. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    Chrons was not that slow to be honest, it had a good pace to it and a large community for a private server. What I liked about it was the content i.e. the items and stats were not OTT. A balance to monks when they got introduced may have levelled it out but all in all it was probably the best...
  4. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    This was by far one of best Mir2 servers! What happened? There has been nothing like it since. I think a mirrored version of this server, letting everybody start from fresh could be a little earner for you...
  5. Nostalgia of Mir

    What is this project called??
  6. Dragon Server (Will the Euro server be resurrected?) They are looking to mirror the old European Servers Dragon and Phoenix
  7. EuroMir - Low Rate [Heroes] Discussion

    Re: EuroMir - Low Rate Discussion from what ive heard, there is going to be a huge reboot tonight that will fix quite a lot of things.
  8. EuroMir - Low Rate [Heroes] Discussion

    Re: EuroMir - Low Rate Discussion ServerIP=
  9. [Heroes] (2)Velocity anomaly error

    ive not changed anything. as soon as i installed the client and started playing the game it happened. Only thing thats differengt to when i used to play ages ago is that i have a new laptop now ---------- Post Merged on 25-07-2012 at 11:46 AM ---------- Previous Post was on 23-07-2012 at 07:37...
  10. EuroMir - Low Rate [Heroes] Discussion

    Re: EuroMir - Low Rate Discussion I personally think the server is great. It gives us that euro style play that no professional companies can anymore. People moaning about no Heroes being ingame or exp being too low or the creators not being bothered to make new items, maps etc.... Its a...
  11. [Heroes] (2)Velocity anomaly error

    Ive tried these things and nothing has seemed to work?? Still getting the message.
  12. [Heroes] (2)Velocity anomaly error

    Hi guys, as it says above i keep getting this (2) Velocity anomaly error?? Keeps booting me out every 5mins. ive tried re-downloading the client and re installing it and that hasn't work. Anyone help me please?? THanks
  13. Upcoming Server: EuroMir

    Thanks for the update Felicity
  14. Upcoming Server: EuroMir

    just waiting for it to come online or be able for download at least! gagging for it lol
  15. Upcoming Server: EuroMir

    we used to level and hunt before heroes...I think this game is going right back to old school mir which i think is going to be great. good old hard slug leveling and hunting is what mir was all about
  16. Mir 2 - Wtf Happened?

    From what im reading, euromir that is due to launch on friday so it says looks liek it could be a decent server. Long term and low rate. Does look promising
  17. Upcoming Server: EuroMir

    Does the download for this server client become available today?
  18. New Sdo Mir2 Global Server

    personally just bring mir back!!! someone!!
  19. New Sdo Mir2 Global Server

    I know its a lot of time and dedication, but i personally think it would be very much worth it
  20. Upcoming Server: EuroMir

    that is a good spot, thanks for pointing this out.... I will now definitely be playing this server when it is available.