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  1. TinieblaS


    I have problems with this... I have external hosting for webside, and the server with DB and server in other pc. I change: .../KaoriAMS/00Config.php .../KaoriAMS/backend/00Config.php .../KaoriAMS/backend/00connString.php And i have problems to configure "00connString". My changes on...
  2. TinieblaS

    [Request] King server files and setup

    Thx Erik, i try to put this ON Local Server. Thx to all and special for Vaeborg to try put it ON. ---------- Post Merged at 06:36 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 04:03 PM ---------- What client go to KingServer? I try search and download one, but i don´t have :(
  3. TinieblaS

    [Request] King server files and setup

    I want it too Jose, if you have a solution please add me on Skype. Yo también los estoy buscando Jose, si tienes solución agregame a skype :star:(alex.tinieblas)
  4. TinieblaS

    I have problems to Open Server on LOCAL

    I started to create the server, but i have any problems... If anyone can help me and put the server OnLine on Local mode.,please... skype: alex.tinieblas Thx to all for learn and i speack spanish, i´m bad on english language :)
  5. TinieblaS

    ChangeMapAttr - question

    Do you whant put this map in "Fight"?¿ Can change put "FIGHT" on this map, and delete all for Normal mode. (I´m noob in this, but i see this on my MapInfo)
  6. TinieblaS

    [Developing] Mir3 CD HL 3.55 Emu

    Hello, gj DjDark i see this proyect to development to my server, you have great ideas and good job!
  7. TinieblaS

    Npc for spanish server.

    Thx to this Draka!!!! Gracias Draka, los mirare con tiempo!
  8. TinieblaS

    Release - Guild Points System

    Thx to relase Zordon, is good!
  9. TinieblaS

    [Mir3 Map Editor]

    Ok, thx :)
  10. TinieblaS

    [Mir3 Map Editor]

    reHello!!! Thx Coly this editor is very good, i´m working on your program but i have one problem.... How create minimaps? I try the option MiniMapEditor and don´t see the maps, y try all the Zooms in this options and i can´t see the map... In the principal screen, the zoom actues lowly but it...
  11. TinieblaS

    [Mir3 Map Editor]

    wow wow wow!!!!!!!! Now it loading the .wil thx to this Coly (I don´t think to client mode)... i put the MapEditor on one folder in the data.... :( Thx for this tutorial Coly! (sorry for my english... ^^)
  12. TinieblaS

    [Mir3 Map Editor]

    Thx to add this program Coly, i need help to configure this... (Sorry for my english, is very little) ---------- Post Merged at 01:46 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 09:56 AM ---------- ****************************************************************************************** * WOI-Engine...
  13. TinieblaS

    For me it´s down too..