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  1. Salomon

    [CD3.55] Help Script

    ayuda para hacer un script para mi servidor privado, ¡cargo económico!
  2. Salomon

    [Holley] Help Server Crueldragon

    Hello, I got this error and I cannot run the server, I would like to know what this error is and how it is corrected. Greetings Hola, Me salio este error y no puedo correr el server, me gustaria saber de que es este error y como se corrige.. Saludos
  3. Salomon

    [Holley] help Scrip

    **** Hello, Could anyone say what the numbers that appear at the beginning of a Script before writing the Main Word mean, I don't make sense In advance thanks a lot for your response. ****Hola, Alguien Pudiera decir que significa los numeros que aparecen al inicio de un Scrip antes de...
  4. Salomon

    Help clueless postman script, and configure in SQL

    Hello I need to know how to configure the Sql the letters of Henry, the script of the automatic and the script of Henry to change the letters from experience. I am new to scripting. Thanks.
  5. Salomon

    New Server Help

    Hello, I have a Server that I want to open, there are details that I cannot fix and I am sure it is simple, someone from here could help me, I am also willing to work in partnership. I really hope you can help me .. Greetings Salomon.
  6. Salomon

    [Help] help error open server

    I try to open the mir, being about to enter, he takes me out, and in the cruel dragon it is clearly seen that it opens and closes. Could you help me solve this error?
  7. Salomon

    Help KaoriMir

    help, how to use kaorimir