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  1. Warlock

    Motherboard that allows ACPI

    Hey guys, decided to come back and have a look at some servers that are out just now, see how things have been going n that. So i came across a problem that is frankly annoying the life out of me. My new system doesnt allow the ACPI tweak for older files on XP. Just crashes on boot, i have had...
  2. Warlock

    This Will Destroy You

    The title is very deceiving.. absolutely stunning.
  3. Warlock

    Within The Ruins - Elite

    Just listen to that! All the groove you need for dinner!
  4. Warlock

    Anyone got a spare beta key for this?

    Just got my pc back together and was looking for a decent free to play game and this had the look of everything i enjoy.. I know there is a free weekend beta starting soon but would like to give it a go before then Thanks
  5. Warlock

    My Antec 300 Case mod + upgrade

    Hey guys thought i might post this here are there never seems to be any of this around here. Also might give you guys some idea's to do with your own systems. Atm im currently buying in a few new parts for my system, also buying in a few things to do a case mod on my Antec 300, nothing big but...
  6. Warlock

    My cheeky cheap upgrade :)

    Yo guys been a while since ive been on this form, or a pc for that matter. So here's the story.. i used to have a. Asus A8R32 MVP Deluxe AMD x2 4200+ (@ 3.0Ghz) Corsair XMS DDR400 @ DDR 466 3-3-3-8 I stumbled upon the sales classified ads on AVForums and thought i would give it a try buying...
  7. Warlock

    NPC help.

    I there anyway to make and NPC check that only members of 1 guild are on the map. Say if there are only members on 1 guild on map it teleports them somewhere, but if there is a member of another guild also on that map it wont?
  8. Warlock

    Importing to SQL from .txt doc

    Im trying to import FLD_STDITEMS / FLD_NPC / FLD_MERCHANT into my SQL from txt docs but i keep getting errors, could anyone post a quick guide on how to do it, i might be doing something wrong
  9. Warlock

    Is anyone actually going to release a decent new server.

    Now recently i have been waiting on a decent new server to be released, only 1 or 2 sound like they are worth giving a try lately, but they never come up, there is talk for weeks on end and "supposed" updates on the server progress, then nothing, it just dies off. Or if they do come up, they are...
  10. Warlock

    OC'ing X4200+ on A8R32 MVP Deluxe

    I have my X4200 running stable @ 265x10 and 800MHZ HT link (2.6GHZ 1050MHZ HT Link) it seems to be a pretty nice OC, it gives me an extra 1800 points in the 3Dmark05 CPU test. But i havent touched anythin else tho any idea's where i can go next
  11. Warlock

    Do you think these are decent?

    After a lot of looking into in ive come the conclusion that my GFX problems are part overheating and power supply is not powerfull enough to run my card, when it clocks to full speed and voltage my comp crashes. So i decided to get a few upgrades and im gonna do a small OC aswell if all goes...
  12. Warlock

    PSU Question/PC Problem

    Hi there, currently im having a problem running 3D games on my system, never noticed the problem before as i only used it for Mir at the time and the GFX never really runs at full speed untill i go into a 3D app. When i log into WOW (for instance), I play for about 5 mins then it crashes to a...
  13. Warlock

    Design Request

    Hi there i was wondering if anyone could make me a design for a band name logo, im looking for this kind of effect - the name im thinking is either Inertia or Kimora if anyone could do either and give me a pm it would be much...
  14. Warlock


    Hi there, i was looking into getting myself a new GFX card for my budget system I built it in november there with Amd 64 3000+ 1GB Corsair 3200 Dual channel Asus motherboard, onboard GFX X700 Gfx card I recently upgraded my CPU to a X4200+ and now looking for a GFX boost. Is there any...
  15. Warlock

    Looking For 1.4 Server Files

    Right anyone who has got a set of 1.4 server files ( a good server tho ) that are finished just needing hosted, or nearly finished,give me a pm and let me know what you have, i can get someone to host them and finally get a decent 1.4 server back up. /Sic
  16. Warlock


    Has server jsut went down?
  17. Warlock

    Sig Request?

    Anyone good at firing sigs together in a couple mins? lol. Need one that says Murderface Colour preff : Black + Dark Red dont really care if any GFX are involved if anyone could do this would be greatly appreciated could u pm me the results? :) Cheers. Murderface
  18. Warlock

    New Pc

    Ask 2Fast was saying there, im building a new pc aswell, i have decided to build it around the Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 chip. Basically what ive decided on atm the moment is : GeIL 1GB (2x512MB) PC6400C4 800MHz Ultra Low Latency DDR2 Dual Channel Kit Intel Core 2 DUO E6300 "LGA775 Allendale"...
  19. Warlock

    When will something different come out?

    I havent played steady in a long time, mainly due to the fact that there is nothing worth playing, there are no servers that are failry good lvling ( Max lvl 50 ) on server, with a struggle to get to DC 100 and good group + solo hunts, also with vast lvling area's, its alway just set lvling...
  20. Warlock

    Custom Build PC

    Hi i have been looking about for months to find the best CPU / MBoard / RAM setup to overclock, Can you give me your thoughts on what parts you think are best to use and a rough price of the setup, Was looking at the AMD 64 3700+ ( some people say they can reach 3.0GHZ ) or the 3500+ ( Can reach...