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  1. Tree of Savior

    So I am sure some of you were fans of Ragnarok back in the day. Well this is pretty much the next Ragnarok(if you ignore that disgrace of a game Ragnarok 2) and it is due to go early access very soon and then released in April. I am very much looking forward to this and was wondering who else...
  2. I see a new style for LOMCN :o

    What's going on! I am not used to this.
  3. Devilian

    Started playing this since launch, really enjoying it so far. Wondering if anyone else is playing this.
  4. Stumbled across this by accident

    It seems Mir has gone mobile o/
  5. Legends Lost

    Was bored the other day and went browsing for a mir type game.... came across this game, lets just say its got sounds from mir/soma(i think) and gameplay is pretty much mir. It's a mir clone tbh, come take a look if your bored, im playing on server 1(can't remember the name)
  6. Wimbledon, Go Murray!!!

    Hope all you british people are cheering on Andy Murray after his outstanding win yesturday. Would be great to see him in the final but he has to go through Nadal tomorrow to get the the semi's first.
  7. Age of Conan

    I love it at the moment, tis great fun. So who else is playing this?
  8. Problem accessing a site...

    Well i only know of 2 people not being able to get on this site (its only for a droiyan server). The 2 of us that can't both have a router, so im guessing its something to do with our settings, but im puzzled how it works fine for most people but we are having this...
  9. Recallmon command

    Whenever i try recalling a mob, it will do it but then untame after about 5 seconds. My first script was: [@main] #SAY Which pet would you like to summon?\ \ <Pet1/@newpet1> - Level 300\ [@newpet1] #IF checklevel 300 checkmonrecall #ACT monrecall Pet1 close #ELSESAY You are not high enough...
  10. Lord of The Rings Online

    Anyone else playing? Or if anyone is looking to join, come to Evernight server :D. Im a level 16 Elf Hunter atm >_> I love it atm, how the quests are layed out reminds me of EQ2 but the UI reminds me of wow a lil, kinda like a mix between both and i loved playing both so i find it a delightful...
  11. [DM2] Clearing SQL Records

    How can i clear one of the tables data, whenever i try to do so its comes up with "Key column information is insufficiant or incorrect. Too many rows were affected by the update." I was trying to delete the data inside TBL_MONGEN if your wanted to know.
  12. [DM2] Clearing SQL Records

    Sorry for dbl thread, it said "LOMCN is busy and thought it didnt work" >_>
  13. Happy Birthday Wittin

    He's now 19 ;D Have a great birthday m8 :)
  14. Anyone got....

    the map editor shorty made? her sites down and i would like it to have a go at making maps
  15. Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny

    Tenacious D - The Pick of Desitiny Went to see it yesturday, i found it rather good. If you like TD's music then you might like this film, also i love Jack Black he's a great actor ;D EDIT: Meh i typo'd the title lol, ment to be Destiny if a mod can change it for me. Im too tired >_>
  16. Chinese Language Packs

    Anyone know where i can download them?, I've google'd and cant seem to find anything. Also i dont have my windows XP cd so i cant get them from there >_>
  17. Price check

    Could someone give me a price (preferably best you can find) on the following components? Amd Athlon 64 FX-57 256MB XFX PCI-E GF7800GTX Abit Fatal1ty AN8 SLI 2GB - OCZ Platinum - 2-3-2-5 (Dual Channel) I don't mind if it's being shipped, I mainly only know the pricey UK stores... not that 'up'...
  18. CS Source [Artificial] In need of a new clan member

    Due to domestic issues Artifical is down a couple of members which makes our total capacity a 4 at the moment with 1 casual player. We're after a regular CS:S player to join the clan. If you're intrested please visit and either post on the forum, or ask anyone on...
  19. Problem with where i live

    Well, over the last month some people with no respect, have broken my car door mirror twice... I have no idea what to do, apart from: 1. Sell my car 2. Sit in my window with a sniper rifle, and shoot them when i see them do it 3. Setup a video recorder somewhere out of site 4. Get the police...
  20. So who still plays?

    i just returned today and would like some hunting buddies :P ima lvl 34 sorc (Jicaa) - Jicaa