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  1. Havok

    [Zircon] Legend of Mir 3 Global - Discussion

    there is no one doing that and there is hardly any alts unless its really late yes game shop stuff is expensive but u pay for what u play simple tbh don't listen to the bull **** come check it out people are always down to help
  2. Havok

    Merciful Mir 2 - Crystal - Discussion

    Hi @Nameless seems u have become very quiet from day 2 of release understandable ur now too well but even just slight updates on what's going on 1 week after launch the caves u were saying were going to be opened never happend alot of kits are messed up making progression pointless atm...
  3. Havok

    Merciful Mir 2 - Crystal - Discussion

    @Nameless server crashed
  4. Havok

    WildDragon Mir2 [Crystal] - Discussion

    @3gena not 100%sure why but every time i load the client up it instantly crashed I've deleted it all and redownloaded it same issue its been working since the beginning not 100% sure why its just suddenly stopped i know a few other have also had issues with this any update on how we can fix
  5. Havok

    Merciful Mir 2 - Medium Rate - Custom

    discord sorted as of yet ?
  6. Havok

    Legend of Mir - Odyssey

    will this be live on the 30th i assume or could this be delayed or early
  7. Havok

    Legend Of Mir2 Diamond

    anywhere to download it ready ?
  8. Havok

    Legend Of Mir2 Diamond

    i thought remedi aswell ya know 1598682382 he sent me a msg with a similar discord pic saying new server soon come play lmao now hes blocked me on that account and his new discord server pic is the same ahahah #ah well at least a server to play
  9. Havok

    Legend Of Mir2 Diamond

    im more confused why hes set it for Tuesday lol
  10. Havok

    The Last Chapter : Mir II

    Your discord link has expired mate
  11. Havok

    EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    That's me out unfortunately your serverctho so respect and gl I'm sure its gona put alot of people off :(
  12. Havok

    Whats up.

    what Exp u looking at for the server and what kind or game shop (Hopefully no gear Boxes again ahaha) 1574214055 an what rough time frame u looking at before xmas or beginning of the new year
  13. Havok

    Aesir Mir

    server is fully ****ed so unbalanced honestly cyros can trap u and **** u over constant freeze warriors/knights berserk warrior -paladins do 10 more dmg unless thorns proc and if it does it ****s **** up its all just a **** show nice skills n **** but honestly try using just the 3 classes and...
  14. Havok

    StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    anyone know the gm > or any contact with him ~ 1566776455 server went down @6;30 lol rip not a great start for the small player base he had and no way to msg him other than lomcn and no reply here
  15. Havok

    StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    tbh its not a bad piss around server and wiz is pretty op tbh but every class can slap everyone he dose need to add some harder bosses and alot of the bosses in the advert for boss lands is not even there and there is no leveling caves anymore he took out after beta
  16. Havok

    Legend Of Mir2 WarCraft. Discussion

    @Piff1 your a junky anyway ya little rat no one likes you ya mong
  17. Havok

    Legend Of Mir2 WarCraft. Discussion

    he has a point although it has no relevance to WOW he likes Wow he's slapped a bit fo WOW posters so be it .... al this flame even if it was a EE clone what else is there to play Chrons is **** and Dead (Hopefully to be revived by V2 ) Arcadia had 90+ stalls 4heroes was **** and...
  18. Havok

    there was justa few missing all sorted

    there was justa few missing all sorted
  19. Havok

    hi mate i downloaded your database but do i have to inseart mobs 1b1 ?

    hi mate i downloaded your database but do i have to inseart mobs 1b1 ?