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  1. Wittin

    [Other] Artificial Legend of Mir 2 - Phoenix Server

    The server is now LIVE!
  2. Wittin - Phoenix Server - Phoenix Server
  3. Wittin

    [Request] FateSword Quest

    Hey, Was hoping someone might be able to talk me step by step through the process and requirements of the original FateSword quest - from what I can tell this hasn't been publically released before, and therefore will need rebuilding. It's not something I've ever completed myself, I'm not sure...
  4. Wittin

    [Fortnite] Thought I'd share this one for the lols

    Long story short, the last guy was left & I had some fun with him
  5. Wittin

    /r/ old StdItems.DB/PX

    Reason being I'm interested in a few items which I don't seem to be able to find in any of the databases. Particularly the GN added stuff (Wizard Set / Tao Set / Survival Set etc) Thanks if anyone has this lying around!!
  6. Wittin

    Firefox Quantum

    Has anyone tried it?? As a die hard old skool firefox fan I felt it was a shame what a shambles it had become. If anyone hasn't tried the new version, let me tell you now I've been more than impressed with the imrovements elements which were making Chrome number #1 browser in mine, and most...
  7. Wittin

    Artificial Mir II - Downloads can be found here: I may look to update this thread soon. But for now, discuss.
  8. Wittin

    Official chinese mirII

    Where is this in development? Are their files much more advanced than the european ones, I'm kinda curious since I rarely see anything much in terms of official graphics and stuff being posted. I guess the developers have moved onto newer games...?
  9. Wittin

    Created this site for my work It's really buggy on ie6, and the mouse over drop downs arn't quite perfect but it's pretty nice as far as it goes, especially considering I had to complete the site within a short time frame.
  10. Wittin

    Drum and bass

    Thought I'd give you guys a little something to listen to if you're into drum and bass at all. Anyway it's a set by myself, with some older and newer tracks included. Download or stream it from:
  11. Wittin

    5 yr anniversary

    Just realised I've been a member of these forums for 5years now (1 quarter of my entire life). Over those 5 years I've had highs and lows, run my own servers, worked with development teams, and met some really decent, and not so decent people. My first ever forum account ever was setup here on...
  12. Wittin


    Are there any 2.3 servers supporting 1024x768 resolution or better at the moment? I think it's the only thing that would even as much as tempt me to return to playing mir. I ****ing hope so, or someone uses their inititive and finally creates one. And none of this 'it makes it unbalanced' crap...
  13. Wittin

    The past

    Heres a small compilation of some of my best artwork and signatures. So take a minute and have a little look. I understand I lost alot of my really old stuff from reformatting back in the day, however I've still got a vast collection of my artwork. See if you guys can pick out any favourites...
  14. Wittin

    Artificial Mir2... Wiped.

    Because the server was shut down incorrectly, it brought a horde of buggy items into the economy. For this reason we have wiped our DBs and started again. So for anyone who hadn't played Artificial over the last 3 weeks, here's a prime oppertunity, since everyone is back to level 1. Also it's...
  15. Wittin

    artificial server open for *testing

    we have decided to run a few trials for different sets of mir2 servers. there will be no character wipe, but expect reboots / inconnectivity occasionally on our server. IP address is However we cannot supply you with an executable to connect to our server (client.exe)
  16. Wittin

    Artificial DM2

    Artificial Mir2 Server is online on IP Forums for our server can be found here: Introduction We have taken a different approach to these files, rather than filling the server with a load of buggy functions, we're doing it step by step. The server...
  17. Wittin

    new signature

    Even though I don't use forums anymore, I had to post it somewhere. swift huh?
  18. Wittin

    Vista style wallpaper

    Heres a simple vista themed wallpaper I created, if you want the original version drop me a PM. looks pretty tidy to me for a 30min job ;)
  19. Wittin

    Cracking windows vista

    Ok, I've managed to torrent a copy of vista x64 retail (I think it's Ultimate version - 3.5gb). Now what i need to do is devise a plan for setting it up, at the moment i have no serial and no crack. I know it's possible to find a serial on mIRC, and unless one of you has a working serial I can...
  20. Wittin

    Work in progress

    obviously I am no Ipixel, but you should still dig this... (imcomplete..) Still needs work doing on the nav bar and banner especially, but coming together nicely.