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  1. Warlock

    LegendOfMir2 "TheEnd" - Discussion

    More than likely the issue is his screen does not support the resolution that he is trying to full screen Right click desktop > Display settings > Advanced Display settings > Display adapter properties > List Modes button at bottom. This will give you all the resolutions supported on your...
  2. Warlock

    Pc worth the money ?

    It's cool been speaking to him on discord and putting a system together, think he's gonna be ordering some parts soon and I'll walk him through any problems he comes across building it. Only thing I have come across thats annoying right now is the gpu market tbh, nvidia and their stupid multi...
  3. Warlock

    Pc worth the money ?

    Are you looking to build brand new or source some used parts? And your budget is around £700? Attached what you could roughly get for around the £700 mark new. There are obviously some things that can be altered to bring the cost down or if you really wanted swap around for a slight boost on...
  4. Warlock

    Budget gaming PC - Future upgrades

    Good choices but will get you up and running decently for when you get a gpu to add to the system, not even gonna recommend anything as by the time you upgrade God knows what the market will look like...
  5. Warlock

    Budget gaming PC - Future upgrades

    Oh aye building second hand you could easily get a better system and more than likely a better GPU than a 1060 if you get it off people who aren't diluded about their second hand parts prices. Easily 6700k/1070/16gb ram system for around that
  6. Warlock

    Budget gaming PC - Future upgrades

    Heres a not bad little ryzen IGPU build, med settings you will get roughly 100fps @ 1080p on this, slightly under budget so you could maybe go with a larger M.2 SSD for windows and some games, a bigger hard drive for games library, a little better PSU. You could actually even go with the 3400G...
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    Lemonfish Goes Platinum !? Q&A 500

    Right with ya there, a solid 16 years here too. I just dont spam shite all over forums :P
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    Agreed loved that server. Wonder if Warhead is still kicking about these forums
  9. Warlock

    Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    No they want balance, your doing the typical server owner thing and just removing and changing things without proper testing, like you didnt do in the first place before server went "live". Making big changes like that take a lot of consideration.. what have you changed for a sin to even out the...
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    Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    I didnt even bother starting back since you didnt stick to your word and wipe it.. You never properly tested anything over the 2 days it was up either so this was expected.
  11. Warlock

    Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    This is why i said proper testing needed done, GM finished what he was doing then put it up for people to play and let it go live, no once did i seem him actually test level 60/70/80/90/100/110/120/130 and the kits and skill damage between classes and caves so this was inevitable.
  12. Warlock

    Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    Personally i think one days beta testing isnt going to be enough unless you are on all day and test in stages for each class / kit / spells to make sure the balance is there between classes. And the suggestions for the wipe and changes werent from the lower level it was from the top 5 on the...
  13. Warlock

    Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    Will you do be doing at least a days beta testing before going live since you implementing a lot of changes?
  14. Warlock

    Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    Is there an ETA on wipe and re-release?
  15. Warlock

    Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    **** it why not i suppose, gives everyone a chance to check out the server fresh, as long as you have worked sins in well it should be fine
  16. Warlock

    Guy who typed in only caps?

    For A While That Was Me, **** knows why but i did.
  17. Warlock

    NewEden [Crystal] [LowRate/HighRate Hybrid]

    Actually looking forward to trying this, good luck bud
  18. Warlock

    Affinity Mir - The Final Chapter

    Says online but i cant get connected. Run the patcher.. deleted the files ran again still nothing. Any ideas?
  19. Warlock

    Rise of the Archons [2.6+] Discussion

    Re: Rise of the Archons - Rule of the Arcane Lords Check your screen refresh rate in your res option in windows. i had this problem uninstalled my drivers reinstalled them then checked everything over and my res was set to 29hz for some reason, changed to 60hz and it plays full screen..
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    Plastic £5 notes

    Had them for ages