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  1. Venom - test server

    Jev Nameless give me his files a while back, and thats the files i am useing, But i got so much abuse on discord , i have decided to keep the server private, and will not open it public, Could u close this thread Please Thanks
  2. Venom - test server

    Thanks for the tester who tested the game, for now the testing is over, I will be keeping server Private with no Release
  3. The hate on new servers ?

    Everyone loves you on here, regardless of you losing interest 6 weeks into every server you've ever released
  4. Vengeance mir 2 - test before live this weekend

    Real life takes priority, ciao
  5. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    ah, thanks was pretty confused as to what this guy was going on about lol
  6. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    Maybe you could tell me what you actually meant by your previous posts? not really sure what point you're trying to make?
  7. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    Got some **** going down in real life, taking test server off until thing things are sorted / proper changes have been made, would leave it up but I currently don't have the time to be dedicating to this and don't want to leave people wondering whats going on, ideally will be able to go live...
  8. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    Was going to make it only possible to have the demon out on his own, or you can use the deva and shin, ill take a look and see what way I can change it
  9. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    Launching this weekend most likely. Been away for most of the weekend, will update here regarding some changes. (test server will have this patch later today) Adjusted the names for levelling armours, now as follows, Warrior/plate, wizard/robe, taoist/armour, assasin/cloak Removed templar...
  10. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    quests were taken out of the beta to not spoil the entire story within the server, ive been busy past few days but ill be hitting it hard monday onwards, going with 4 classes, war wiz tao sin, templar may be release at a later date once its more playable
  11. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    Might put assasin in for live, will have to code a few new spells to keep up with the other classes, always have a problem with having sin armour and weapons which we will need a good amount of considering its a med to high rate with a lot of content updates going to be coming, dont really have...
  12. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    Next weekend, assuming the changes required can be made within that time, ill start posting a change log on my first post so people can see whats been changed thus far.
  13. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    Theres crafting items in between, may not be that necessary due to how quick people can get to 50ish with the mythical gear to go along with it, even still, it'll be there
  14. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    63 mythical set, 70 aspect set (from void) and some craftable things
  15. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    Thanks for the feedback, no its not intending to be live this weekend, ill be the first to admit the balance has been a issue, but ive taken the feedback on board and addressing it accordingly, don't really want it to be a few week server either, need to sort the balance out for release, also...
  16. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    Got a long list of stuff that needs addressed, glad I done this test period to weed out the issues, ill leave server up for now but will be addressing these issues before the server will be considered for a live release
  17. Vengeance mir 2 - test before live this weekend

    Thanks for the feedback, regarding the damage I think once the potions are functioning correctly it shouldn't be a problem, going to reboot shortly to see if it helps, again thanks for the feedback!
  18. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    Your a hero mate, Not sure what I did to incorrectly copy and paste it lol
  19. Vengeance mir 2 - test before live this weekend

    Thanks for the review mate, regarding the caves that are soon to be added - I just didn't want everything available in the testing phase, got 4 new hunting caves ready to roll for live, cant say the same for levelling caves as I wanted them to just be a thing for people who may have to play solo...
  20. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    Fak, I checked when the last person said about the link not working but i'm getting the same message im sure you are getting, ill update a mirror now