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    Conquest Rewards

    So I currently have 2 'walls' to fight over.

    Sabuk Wall
    Ancient Ruins

    I am just a bit stuck on what to give as a 'reward' for holding the wall.

    I don't particularly want to give a flat exp/gold/drop buff, even though I guess this is the most incentive to do it.

    What things would you brawl over a wall for?
    I have a few ideas and want to see what people like/hate!
    *Expiry Medals/Shields/Stones - they are not Over-tuned but they have decent stats - last a day (you can reclaim it each day)
    *Unlimited access to a restricted cave (usually you can only get in once a day via a DailyQuest)
    *Free Access to Caves that require gold to access
    *Sabuk Cave (owners access only) - has multiple floors with different mobs in (all mobs are in game elsewhere), and subs with long spawn timers + a unique boss (1 day spawn time)
    *Reduced Crafting Requirements for crafters located in Sabuk and surrounding areas
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    Re: Conquest Rewards

    I liked the original mir3 ones, which was mainly just a gold income from castle and reduced costs, but that may only work well on low rates with good user counts. It had a private dungeon on each castle but it wasn't massively great. Had ZT mobs on first, PT mobs second and Mysteryship mobs on 3rd, no subs or bosses. Eventually though people out level the cave and it becomes redudant, but it still provided a good source of income for the guild.

    Gold income worked well as it was the only place to buy certain items, like XL pots, pills of any size, and large liqours etc. It meant at higher levels people had to repot there and ensured the castle owners made an income. Works well on low rate servers where gold may be harder to come by. First castle owners always had a nice chunk of money waiting for them, and was funny to take it from some other guild who didnt empty it out before the war.

    To expand on the cave idea, again using mir3 slightly. Mir3 has "booty" items drop from each cave, you could make it so that the SW owners can summon mobs/subs/bosses in a cave based on them donating booty from that dungeon. Make it a one off spawn/gauntlet type map. Still means they have to hunt the cave normally to gather the booty and keeping it relevant as people get higher level. Also means they can have a private boss kill. Can introduce caps to x number of spawns or 1 dungeon type a day etc. This could work on any rate of server, just balance the amount of booty required to spawn well.

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    Re: Conquest Rewards

    Reduced pot cost ( only works on low rates as otherwise pots cost nothing anyway )

    Daily buffs , 2/3 hours a day with a set % increase of exp drop gold etc

    Sabuk stones/medals , only last the duration until the next war.

    Shiny title ( obv )

    Guild leaders get something for it , I.E the ability to recall their group somewhere for free , twice a day , or something like guild leaders get access to an NPC to which they can buy credits for benefits for the guild , I.E owning Sabuk gives up 5 credits per day , which are redeemable by guild leaders for group teleports , pet rentals , temporary skill necklace , things to benefit the guild.

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    Re: Conquest Rewards

    A lump of coal.
    Leaders to get a wet fish in their faces.

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