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    Two (or more) Trade Merchants on server

    server owners fight TM 'congestion' by shortening the item expiry period which means that lower level items consigned in the early life of the server are no longer available later on when most server population moves into higher levels and the new pple joining the server later on have to fend for themselves

    that is not only problem in longer running servers like 5H was but even in low population servers just several month old - like Sanjians fishing server

    how about creating two different TMs where one would accept items for consignment up to certain item level or item requirement and leave the item expiry either open or very long - how long would depend on the kind of server since some servers manage to attract new players throughout most of the life of the server, others have new ones only at the startup phase and then its just a trickle that cannot sustain trading low level items among themselves
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    Re: Two (or more) Trade Merchants on server

    I've never understood why this is a problem.. more items in the TM the better imo. Servers just need to impliment a filtered TM like the one thats been released already.. takes all of 5 minutes.
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    Re: Two (or more) Trade Merchants on server

    Doesn't it by default only send 10 listings?

    I don't think there's anything stopping the expiration of listings being increased.
    It'll add more load on to the server but the Server > Client and Client > Server should be fine?

    Filter just helps reduce having to search pages upon pages looking for a weapon or a book or what ever.

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    Re: Two (or more) Trade Merchants on server

    nothing wrong with extending the duration on a tm to 100 days, or even a thousand. its fairly simple.

    but all that happens is that it becomes players other "storage" and not a place to sell items

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