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    [Discussion] "Developing" Island

    I am just wondering, what people would like to see added to a feature I have on my files;

    Basically you get a quest which sends you to this new Island.
    Once you are on the Island, you get given various tasks to explore the world to find NPCs to come to this Island, slowly populating it up with unique crafters, merchants, unlocking new map events and quests.
    There will also be hidden achievements that will unlock NPCs and features (for instance killing an Elite_BoneElite)

    What would you like to see added/ what would motivate you to do these quests other than the face value reward?

    Currently on completing various tasks you can get the following:

    Access to MyraIsland
    TeleportNode to the Island
    Unique Crafters
    Random Villagers (Quest Givers)
    Guard Captain / Guards (Quest Givers)
    High Tier Merchants (Pots / Draper / Blacksmith)
    Trust Merchant

    What other things would you like to see for example;
    Caves or Cave Instances
    A New BattleGround (Such as LMS)
    A Pet Store (For Wizzies to store their Pets)
    Daily Buffs (Once a day you can get say an hour of 10% exp)
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    Re: [Discussion] "Developing" Island

    It looks a bit like DOL, a Japanese game.
    When people invest in and colonize a new continent, the corresponding buildings will gradually increase and become a central city to some extent.And then decline.

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