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    New Mir Servers (and their Maps)

    I have been working on a set of files for a while now; I was just wondering on peoples opinions of all the original areas (ZT MT WT PSC etc) having the same maps all the time.

    Do you like the familiarity, or would you prefer these area's revamped so you have new maps to be explored?
    Or a combo of old and new, some areas using old areas (such as ZT) but say WT being revamped..?

    I know everyone has their own ideas, mine personally is revamping them, but you also want people to enjoy the server other than yourself! haha
    (note existing towns like Bichon are standard but have a lot more to find and explore within the map itself)
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    Re: New Mir Servers (and their Maps)

    I do like being able to know where I'm going to be honest. I'm happy with completely new caves and maps - unless I can't blow up the map to see more than the minimap - that annoys me lol

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