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    Re: Good games you’d recommend

    some games im into atm

    - Avorion
    - the Hunter Call of the Wild
    - Hand of Fate 2: Outlanders and Outsiders
    - Seven: the days long gone
    - Raft
    - Conan Exiles

    Waiting for alpha 17 but when its released 7 Days To Die.

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    Re: Good games you’d recommend

    Quote Originally Posted by steve View Post
    I’ll dheck it out on pc see how I get on 
    As koriban suggested, start with a pre-designed build or you will just get messed up yourself. There is a world of difference between skills & compatability between them that isn't really spelt out to new players.

    Check the official forums and pick a build there, users submt hundreds of already planned out ones ready to pick up and go.
    (Right now, I'd suggest giving arc traps a go, its easy, cheap, safe and can do all content)

    Also make your character in the Incurion league, not standard, as the new temple content is great.

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    Re: Good games you’d recommend

    Just FYI, 2 Point Hospitial (Theme Hospital 2) is coming out next month, should be more hype for that tbh ;p

    Also MTGA closed beta in is present state is a solid game to play, kicks Hearthstones fukin ass if you aren't a filthy casual.
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