A Guide to managing your time on Mir4

Okay so I am creating this guide for those who decided to join the game late and possibly buy an NFT character as there is a lot of systems within the game for progression and it can be overwhelming starting out.

So lets start with Experience and levelling for the most part it works the same as any other game the harder the enemy the more XP you get and once you gain enough you level up rince and repeat. Now what makes Mir4 different to some MMO's and most past versions of Mir is that you can increase the XP earned a number of ways and you should do so asap below I will list the areas in which you can increase your XP and other stats with a brief overview of each before we continue with how to manage your time on the game.

Codex this system basically revolves arround gathering items and sometimes upgrading them to higher tiers, quality, and enhancing them to +1-8 then you register it in the codex destroying the items but completing that part of an entry once all parts of an entry are completed you will gain a permanent buff to stats with the except of temporary buff that I won't cover as in my opinion they are too expensive and not worth buying. (there is a lot of XP and stats here so work on it as and when you can)

Solitude Training by hunting and obtaining certain materials much like Codex you can increase your stats permanently with this feature however there is a chance at it failing and even demoting the current level. In addtion the higher your overall level the more stats you unlock but there are special bonuses you unlock every 8 tiers you upgrade there is a lot of XP within this feature so do not neglect it. (These materials come naturally with progression it is not something you need to go out of your way to obtain or create)

Magic Stone of Growth and some Spectrimites can increase your experience further and the higher the quality of stone the better the range on the stats it can have so it is worth trying to collect a full set of Epic Magic Stones of Growth with your classes prefered stats as soon as possible and replacing them as you go on with Legendary Magic Stones of Growth as and when you obtain them. (You will end up building multiple decks of magic stones for different situations as you play and learn the game It is worth noting that Core stats such as Eva, Crit Eva, are top tier stats to aim for on all types of stone then Acc for PVP and the rest can be whatever you prefer e.g Warriors favour bash damage where as arbalist favour Crit damage you don't need to focus on one as at a certain point there is a diminished return YET TO BE FIGURED OUT)

Spirit are another source of character growth and some are more PVE based other more PVP for now I will continue to focus on PVE so given how important experience is I will list the 5 epic spirit which when you get them you should equip with certain treasure to make sure you are progressing as fast as you can.

Flame Hellborn Biyoho - This is an XP Spirit but it also has Item Drop Chance which are both PVE Stats. Its skill help agrro more enemy's aswell which is useful for melee classes.
Brutal Lionheart Koiga - This is an XP Spirit but it also has Lucky Drop Chance which are both PVE Stats it also provides a significant damage buff and damage mitigation.
Radiance Dragon Mir - This is an XP and All around drop pet and its Skill provide significant healing which is very useful in harder areas.
Gem Mania ShaoShao - This is an XP pet and it has one of the most important skills MP recovery without MP you loose a significant amount of XP.
Glowing Gem Sparkler - This is an XP pet that has some utility as a miner or PVP pet but it is the least important of all the XP pets but reguardless if your hunting for XP you should use it.

As for the treasures Epic spirits can Equip 3 each of these spirits should have the following in blue which will later be replaced by epic and finally legendary. Millennial Sable's Essence (XP treasure), Portkulus' Whetstone (Lucky Drop), Phantom's Talisman. Side note there are special treasure that can be equipped in place of the Phantom's Tailsman that are unique to certain Spirits however they are extremely Rare and by the time you obtain one you will know what to do with it.

(If you are buying an NFT at this stage in the game you are going to want at least 3 if not 5 of these pets with as many Epic Millennial Sable's Essense as you can get if you wish to be able to catch up to long term players)

Conquest is the next system think of it like your stronghold that you have to complete certain conditions to upgrade in return it rewards you with addtional stats including XP.

Mystic Pieces are sort of like magic stones they come with a stat based off there name and addtional random stats based off the item quality and a randomly determined roll you can get XP ones and I suggest if you plan to play for a long time you invest in some hydra and buy ones with SS XP, Luck drop, or Drop on them.

Sarmati's Mission Scroll once per a month you can buy this think of it like a season pass with 3 levels Free, £8, and £24 just by purchasing the £8 one you gain a 10% XP and Copper buff in addtion if you buy the £24 you get an addtional 15% but that not all there are challenge to complete on the season pass in doing so you gain rewards now for me personally I buy the £8 because I am freemium meaning I spend as little as possible, However these are both important buffs worth buying if you don't mind spending a little extra.

Cordial and Tonic these come in different grades but the difference between them is Cordial last for 30 mins, Tonic last for 8 hours higher the quality the bigger the buff.

Vigor Pills think of them as food so long as you have eaten your XP bonuses are all doubled bare in mind once you break 100% on XP you gain extra % on the multiplier I've seen some korean players on EU with 700% XP this is what you should be aiming for.

Now you understand where XP comes from and what to aim for and work on I will talk about where to go and what to use and when.

For XP both Magic Square and Secret peak can provide significant experience from the monsters compared to the standard field zone this is because in magic square exp chambers the monsters give more experience and are aggressive toward the player making them easier to gather and kill quicker, on secret peak this is similar there are certain groups that are agressive these enemies give more XP aswell.

When your going to do your MS/SP back to back and have extra tickets and gold to gain extra time you should be using Legendary-Epic XP Tonics and 8 hours vigor well staying in those places for as much of that duration as possible then using the remainder in the best spot in the field. If your going for a short amount of time or hunting other resources then you should use cordials as and when needed with vigor pills.

Now outside of MS/SP it comes down two Density, Killspeed, Respawn you should aim for rooms with good Density that you can kill fast because if you do you will earn more xp over long periods of Auto play try to find smaller rooms as that also helps.

Now there is another 3 feature within this game that is Gathering, Mining, Havesting Energy If you are in an alliance that own the valleys and pay you darksteel you can ignore mining.

Energy and Plant Gathering are a waste of time Just don't do it there is enough low levels and bots doing this and selling the stuff cheap on the market for gold it is better to sell stuff on the market like promotional materials which you get from hunting and then buy the Energy and Plants you need for your other training methods. (its possible this could change but for right now this is a time sink trap players fall for) The only time you will ever gather is because you ran out of vigor pills and gathering and mining can be done to recovery 3 hours worth of vigor but if you do your dailys and join a clan and use your clan coins you can maintain vigor at almost all times.

The times not to maintain it are when you are running Quests.

Okay the next system to talk about is Enhance and the reason I am going to is because it ties into your codex. To enhance it costs Darksteel and Enhancement stones depending on the enhancement stone you get different results.

Enhancing from 1-5 is Safe no chance of destroying the items for this you should use Plain old Enhancement stones unless it is a reputation item which is the exception to the breaking rule, once you get to +4 this is where most use Mystic Enhancement stones (yellow) these stones have a low possibility to give +1-4 levels on an item the red ones can only give +1 this is how you get your +6-7-8 codex stuff and +2-5 on your reputation items, now there is one more type of Enhancement stone called a Darkened enhancement stone these reduce the level on an item they work 100% of the time without risk of breaking said item use to try and maniplulate the system.

Enchantment is another way to gain stats but doesn't have a risk just costs resources you should aim for Enchants that are good for your class but don't be too fussy about it early on not really worth spending too much resources until tier 2-3 epic or legendarys.

These Gems obtained from SP are mainly used to craft summon bosses for use both inside and outside of SP the ones inside SP can drop Promotional materials and Books the ones outside of SP drop Enchantment Stones which you will need a steady supply of for a long time so between the two I'd craft the bosses outside of SP at the crafting NPC located in Spiritual Centre village.
Screenshot 2022-04-25 224852.png

These weapon fragments and others like it are used to craft a couple of bosses which you should do as they too give a decent amount of enhancement stones but the rest of these fragment you should exchange inside of Magic square where they drop in the lobby for box's of Glittering Powder which is a vital resource you will never have enough of.

Screenshot 2022-04-25 224841.png

This is a picture of some of the summons you can craft anything you need to summon if you click it will tell you the location to summon it.
Screenshot 2022-04-25 224902.png

Last but not least is Exchangeables here is 5 exchangeable items and just like summons it tells you where you can exchange them the main one to use wisely here is the Blue dragon statue and there is an Epic version of them aswell these Blue dragon ones should be used to exchange for Life Elixir boxs which are used to upgrade some of your training features do not waste them on anything else in my opinion. As for the Epic Blue Dragon statues once every 3-4 weeks you will have around 300 of them from running Clan expeditions at weekend these can be exchanged for 1 of 3 things. Epic Material Box (Contains 1 random epic material), Epic Skill box (Contains 1 random Epic skill from your class), Epic Spirit box (Contains 1 random epic spirit). (buy the ones with the greatest odds of giving you something you need and not a duplicate example if you have 13/14 epic spirits chances are your hitting a duplicate spirit unless you are trying to save up spirit for legendary combine attempts it would be wiser to pull say a book if you only have 1 tier 8 skill).


If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will respond when I can.
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