Feb 20, 2009
Hi Guys,

Want to pick your brains a little, currently finalising the finishing touches to our epos system(till system) And we are now looking at affordability and scaleability(yes probably should of approached this first) However we are looking if anybody knows the best route to go down in terms of SQL. Things you need to know:

Every time a customer purchases our product they get a DB this db is scaleable dependent on each business however must be able to retrieve and hold data for 10 years, at the click of a finger. If its a nightclub it could have 10k worth of transactional data per day. But on the other hand a cafe could have 100.

Any advice as to costings or best route much appreciated.

Please keep in mind the DB also works locally and pushes at the next available network allocation.


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Nov 26, 2012

I actually work a bit further down the line from where you do (merchant acquiring, specialist in ISO and other financial/card scheme messaging formats). I don't know anything about Azure as we've never touched it, but anytime anyone has ever come to us asking to use AWS we've declined.

No I severely doubt you'll be storing PCI data on there, but if you are I wouldn't touch AWS at all, the second we mention it to our network security guys their faces just go blank and they refuse to even entertain the idea, security wise it's not where it should be in terms of the levels of encryption needed to support anything PCI related.

If its nothing PCI related or things are hashed/masked and there is no way to unmask them then AWS would most likely be quite solid, ironically enough we actually use it as a datawarehouse solution for masked data (anything PCI related is unable to be re-engineered backwards to get full details).